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Loppar: Big Showdown Brewing?


I know “something” is going down…but I can’t seem to put the pieces together like you can.

Okay…Putin, Turkey and Saudia Arabia wanted us out of Syria; so we will soon to be out, and the Kurds will be slaughtered, eliminating them as a fighting force.

Now, Western Iran (oh…I’m sorry…the name is “Iraq”); after Trump’s visit; is screaming for the complete removal of U.S. troops.

What is brewing here?

Are two forces of Islam (Sunni/Shia) positioning themselves for a showdown and “control” of large swaths of the Middle East as soon as they get those pesky Americans out of the way?

What are your thoughts?

First of all, the Saudi do not want Americans out of the way. They just don’t want them protecting a bunch of infidel socialist Kurds promoting - oh the horror - democracy, women’s rights and secularism.

They Saudi endgame has always been to use US forces to fight a war against Iran - there’s nothing funnier for Saudis for infidels and heretics to kill each other. Also, without external factors (US) Iranians would win any military confrontation with Saudi/UAE hands down.

And it seems that with Jared and Trump they’ve finally hit the jackpot, praising their “ignorance” in a leaked presentation. You’ll notice that despite Trump’s “imperial retreat” the Administration is strangely focused on staying hawkish on Iran.

Trump’s retarded tweet in which he claims that Saudi Arabia will “rebuild” Syria proves how clueless him and his son-in-law are - the Saudis have poured billions into exporting islamic radicalism throughout the world in the last few decades, imagine what will happen if they’re given a free reign to “rebuild” a country? Basically a rebranded ISIS caliphate.

Which brings us to the second point, that’s also a sunni vs. sunni fight - Turkey and Saudi Arabia are vying for dominant position in the Sunni world. Sure, they can agree on some points - killing of Kurds namely - but this is the second big fight to determine whether the Sunni world will be dominated by the neo-Ottoman Empire like it was up a hundred years ago when the Ottomans ruled over the Arabian peninsula or some deranged version of the 7th century caliphate as the Saudis would like.

Also, it will be very interesting to see what will Assad do and how he’ll maneuver in this three way fight. Pretty much everyone underestimated him but the clan Assad have proven that they’re survivors. Former socialists who suddenly became religious Shiites despite being heretic Alawites a few days ago were decorating Christmas trees in Damascus.


I’ll be damn, @loppar, if we are not playing right into the hands of our “friends”…

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In the early 1800’s the Wahhabis and Ottoman Empire got into it. The Ottomans sought to exterminate the Wahhabis.

Any truth to the story that the British helped foster the creation and expansion of Wahhabism to counter the Ottomans?


Well, the British did put out the jihadi Mahdi revolt in Sudan but for a large part the Colonial Office was dominated by philo-islamists (TE Lawrence cough cough), and many of them became infatuated with Wahhabis, as a counterweight to “decadent” Ottomans, notably Kim Philby’s father who converted to Islam and lived like a typical Saudi tribal chief:

Why? Saddam was hanged, Qaddafi died with a metal rod shoved up his ass and Bashar and all of his clan (well, one uncle did get killed) are alive and more importantly for his survival still ruling Syria. He demonstrated some shrewd flexibility in crucial moments, something one has to do to survive in the Middle East as a heretic minority.

So you’ve got a man who is officially the General Secretary of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party praying in a Shia mosque and handing out Christmas presents. Whatever is necessary to stay alive.


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Oh no!

I believe you, @loppar…! It’s just that the Middle East and it’s players just tend to scramble my brain to no end!

(…along with Trump…!)

One other thing, @loppar that is driving me totally Ape Shit…

“Trump destroyed ISIS!”

I really don’t care if they said President Obama did it or President Reagan…I personally think that they are just in hiding; regrouping; increasing they’re numbers; and stashing away the Saudi Dollars that are surely coming in.


Yep. We show up with big airplanes filled with tanks and hummers and apc’s wearing tons of gear and looking very out of place, so when we’re gone it’s pretty obvious.

All they do is put down their gun and pretend to be walking a goat.

Walking a goat would look too suspicious.



Except this guy. He’s kinda on his own. (that’s a link up there. Kinda weird. This smart phone is smarter than me.)


Exactly. The name “ISIS” is currently bad PR so the Saudis will just rebrand - AQ became AaS and is currently operating with Turkish troops in northern Syria. The same white Toyotas, only the flags are a bit different.

As I’ve posted before, it’s really surreal watching AQ terrorists being supported by Turkish armor (a NATO member lest we forget) in northern Syria singing jihadi songs about how they fought the Americans in Tora Bora caves.


The same will happen with ISIS, especially since Saudi Arabia was given a carte blanche by Trump to “rebuild” Syria.

There’s one thing about withdrawals that POTUS does not understand - you have to leave on your terms. Haphazard withdrawals are bad for morale and provide PR wins for the other side.

Russian State TV (and as I understand Hezbollah TV) was running round-the-clock coverage from Manjib showing how one day Kurds and US Army APCs flying the stars and stripes were patrolling the city, only for the Russian/Assad troops enter the next day and triumphantly roll out the Russian and Syrian flags in the city center, with the voice over explaining how this is the “second Saigon” for the US Army.

Hezbollah and the Iranian regime are taking notes.

Minor side point- me and a friend were just discussing how thanks to socialism, Russia just bought Venezuela for a song and now have a footprint on our continent without having to fire a single shot.

Putin is a lot of things, @SkyzykS

Dumb is not one of them.

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No, he isn’t.

Now we just have to wait for Citgo to become some rebranded version of Rosneft.

Something bright and happy, like Rosey Quick Fill or something. :rose:

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