LoPan's Solo Work

Started today with a new element to training…NO F’ING Trainer. For most of my training experience (on/off for the last 5 years or so…but pretty consistently since the 1st part of October, I’ve had the good frotune to work with a real Pro. My past training expereinces have also been under the supervision of the most passionate, intelligent, dedicated guys around.

All three I’m referring to are involved with this site, and subscribe to many of the philosophies, techniques and general wisdom of “The Nation”, and I have benefitted immensely from it,.

Until this October, however, I was a practicing addict and my gym gains didn’t get much more than a few days to take hold; once weekends rolled around, my extracirricular actitivies took prioroty and my gains, as well as many other aspects of my life, suffered for years.

Gratefully, I have been in recover since the first part of November and am working on some real goals for the long-term. I’ve decided to use this forum as a journal, a place to be accountable and record my fears, failures, success and become a little more involved with a community from which I have learned a TON over the past few years.

I’ve got an IBB journal started, as this program is very close to what I was working with “John Matrix” over the past few months. In other words, lots of CNS development, motor recruitment, “Perfect Rep” style training, explosive, dominating lifts. Fuck, I get charged up just recalling it all!

I’m also a customer of Precision Nutrition and plan on using those forums in much the same way. I’ve changed my living environment recently and share a house with 8 other guys.

Suffice to say, sacrificing a lot of kitchen space in the cupboards and fridge as well as minimal amount of quality cooking gear (im a hobby chef!) is going to take some getting used to. So is working out in a chain, General Purpose gym, so is working out alone, etc, etc…

It’s strange to admit, but I have a lot of fear going into this. Will I get results? Am I going to fuck it up for months before I make any progress? Am I going to unjure myself? Am I going to enjoy what I’m doing? The list goes on, but despite the fear, I’m going to hit it, hit hard and accept the failures along with the progress.

This is my journal, but please, feel free to follow along if any of it resonates with you.

Tuesady, 3/14/10

BFS Spring Phase 1, workout 1

A1: DB Power Snatch
w/u 20x5

B1: Front Squat
w/u Bar x20


B2: Step Up

w/u 25x20

C1: Bent Over BB Row


C2: Inc. BB Bench Press

95x10 (rest 10") x5 (rest 15") x5 (overzealous on the weight…used to months of 6x3, 7x3, etc…humbling)

D1: Wood Chops


D2: 3pt Plank

Slow count to 20" (left leg raised)
Slow Count to 20" (Right Leg raised)

Beating heart…beating heart…

3/18 Thursday 20:30-21:30

A1. Jump Squat

BW x 5
Bar X 5
65X 5

B1. Lat Pull


B2. DB Push Press



70x15, rest 70x5 (lost grip)
70x8, 70x4, 70x4, 70x4

**I may have to move to a BB RDL…grip for 20 reps is really tough…or get straps or move to a Smith Machine

C2. Bulgarian Split Squat
BW x20
Bw x20

D1. Rev Crunch


D2. Side Plank
45" each side
45" each side