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Looting in Ohio 10/15/05






I dont mean to be a jerk but these Neo-nazis are taking the concept of " white pride " wrongly. Its about having pride in your culture. An affirming of oneself not hate. They have misused pride in themselves and turned it ugly.


A bunch of Neo-Nazi's from Roanoke Virginia have organized in Ohio and prepared for a march or something and then the local neighborhood has started fires probably to a business or somebody supporting the nazis or mabey they are just doing it b/c they are sad i dunno. Im waiting for one of the nazis to get a camera interview or something. Sorry just cynical.

See what happens when you get arrogant? White pride shhould be about having pride in yourself and in your culture these bozoz are just a bunch of drunk clowns wanting to fight or something.


The neo-nazis have as much right to free speech as anyone. The neo-nazis didnt even follow through with the march! The lovely individuals werent even confronted by the neos- the neos were in a park half a mile away. The idiot rioters and looters went nuts with no provocation by the neo nazi group. They started throwing things at police that were there to try to ensure a peaceful march, and started destroying a gas station that happened to be nearby. the gas station owner had no affiliation w/ the neo group. Then they set a local building on fire- i believe it may have been an apartment or house. At that point i had to stop following it...


It's a shame that the retarded nazis didn't even get a chance to make assholes of themselves before the rioters made their point for them.


That was their plan.


A resident interviewed on the news blamed the police by saying that "if the police would leave, the crowds would disperse". Sure they would.

Once the mob mentality set in, it was on! Po-lice or no po-lice.

The mayor blamed gang members for the rioting.


This is the first 2 paragraphs and last paragraph of an article in the Toledo newspaper the morning of the scheduled march.

YOUNG black people, let me be blunt: The march by hate groups in North Toledo today is aimed at you. Don't give them the time of day. Please.

If the hate groups can upset you enough to cause you to react and get arrested, or cause you to show an outburst of violence, then they will have accomplished their goal.

They want the people who are the focus of their hate to be arrested and prove the hate-mongers' dim and erroneous view that minorities only and always respond with violence.


I somehow doubt gang members and people stupid enough to riot read this article over their morning coffee.


So did the neo-nazis.


I have about as much respect for the Neo Nazi groups as I do Louis Farrakhan and his followers. They are both racists!


How come whenever theres a "riot" or "looting" in this country, its always black people?


You're right. They riot because they feel disenfranchised ( for having to see neo-nazis come over to their town and deal w/ it )and for similar reasons i beleive as to why we have terrorism. The why's dont really matter , lock em up.

If anybody wants to claim that i am ignorant they can. I know why African-americans have a higher rate of crime i just dont care- lock em up. I am also however a proponent of affirmative action programs and the like in order to prop up disadvantaged groups. lumbernac


Not that Im advocating this, but on some level it would have at least made sense for the rioting gangs to attack the neo-nazi groups. Instead they attack the police and tear up local businesses. WTF?

Both sides should have had the shit beat out of them.


Now it's coming out that this whole march may have been suggested by a guy who lives in the neighborhood.

It all stems from disputes with his neighbor, a black woman (or African-American if you must) with four children. He has a problem with the kids I guess.

Apparently this guy has called the police over 150 times to report "gang" activity. Many times it was simply black people walking down the street.

The police said today that they believe it was this man's brother who contacted the Neo-Nazi group based in West Virginia to march in this particular neighborhood. They released his name and I wouldn't want to be this asshole right now.

So I guess destroying the Jeep of a TV station, throwing rocks and bottles at the police, at emergency vehicles, smashing windows out of countless other vehicles and burning a business was the best way to protest.

Both groups, the Neo-Nazis and the rioters, are fucking losers.


Thats kind of funny.... looking out for his brother so he called the nazis. Classic.


I'm all for free speech but there is a limit. If a bunch of nazis had a rally in my town I'd start shit to. And I'm white. This isn't just a racial thing. How many good men fought and died to take down those fuckers in ww2 and these punks have the nerve to try and be like them. The really stupid thing is that these assholes idolize the nazis for their racism, but Hitler killed more aryan people than jews and other minorities. He hated the russians who are white as much as he hated the Jews. How can you blame people for violent actions when those scum were present. As a white person i would be enraged, I can't imagine how pissed a non white person would be.


That last question was rhetorical, right? Please tell me it was.
Heres something to kick around- Were the rioters reactions rationaly propotrional to the action? I would say NO. Therefore, there is no way to justify their reactions.
If you can somehow make a conclusive leap like that, you qualify for the Olympics of Stupidity.


It's free speech. Not, sorta-free speech. Letting those morons speak and make assholes of themselves is the best way to handle things.

Would you attack police, loot gas stations and bars, and start fires?

Oh, and they didn't even have the rally.

They weren't attacking the neo-nazi douchebags. They were attacking police and neighborhood businesses. How can you not blame them for that?


The constitution guarantees the right to assemble. The neo-nazis, as much as most people on here want to disagree, have the right to assemble in a peaceful manner. They cannot be denied that right. I don;t think they violated any law. They had the proper permits, and had not even begun the march.

The local people rioted. Plain and simple. They had been instructed to ignore the neo-nazis, and to stay in doors. Evidently they thought that they were told to loot and burn their own community.

There is absolutely no reason for this kind of unprovoked behavior. And there is no hurricane to hide behind as an excuse this time.

Do you think they did a thing to harm the neo-nazis? Nope - I would be willing to bet that the neo-nazis laughed all the way back to what ever rock they crawled out from because the black community did more to bring shame on themselves than all the protesting in the world could have done.

Ignorance and hatred have proven themselves to be color blind.