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WTF is wrong with people. in comes a big hurricane, destroys houses, floods citys, kills people, cost billions of dollars in damages. then there are people running around smashing stores and stealing things. Fuckin animals


I'm not trying to excuse idiots stealing TV's and other non-essential stuff...

but, I wonder if I would try and steal food and water from a grocery store if I was in these peoples situation...

would that make me a fuckin animal?


It's a "every man for themselves' attitude right now in N.O. There are those stealing supplies and those that are trying to gain a profit or profit off the tragedy. People lose civility in devastation. For the ones trying to get things to survive, I can't blame them. You do what you have to in order to survive. As for the thugs shooting and shit, their day is near.


Just get the National Guard to shoot them.


I saw tons of people grabbing stuff on the news, and I didn?t see one grabbing food and water. They were all trying to get stuff for free. Attempting to take advantage of the situation.

Food and water is sent to the area asap. These people are not starving.

They are fucking animals.


I agree with DPH....I dont wonder if I would I know I would if all that I had was destroyed and homeless now....

I would also look for the nearest sporting goods place too.....tents, water proof boot, clothes, water proof matches....items like that.


Who is doing most of the looting?


good point


I think you can pretty easily separate the looters into two categories: those taking food and medicine, and those taking jewelry and electronics and other high-value (economic value anyway) items.

Of the former, it is easier to understand their motivation.

Of the latter, I would not hesitate to call them animals. But I guess it's what one would expect when you combine people who are none too bright with the kind of ideas that are preached to them over and over: namely, that corporations are evil and that they (minorities, poor, etc.) are not part of society and that society is biased against them. It's not much of a stretch for them to combine that idea in their minds to come up with the idea that they are 1) entitled to other people's things and 2) that anyone who actually owns more and better things than them probably got them through oppressing the little people and thus deserves to have his/her/its property stolen.

You cannot be surprised if those ideas are the crap they are fed, and what they believe.

A side note: I heard reports that inmates were released from prisons. I don't know if that's true or not.


Disasters tend to bring out both the best in some people and the worst in others. Some people will see all the hurt and need around them and rise up to the occasion by giving of themselves as much as they can. Others see it as an occasion to grab everything that's not bolted down. Selflessness vs. Selfishness. You see it everytime there's a flood, earthquake, hurricane, etc.


Is it? Or could it be that they are filming mostly the poorer areas of New Orleans?


Good call deano. Especially if it is things that aren't essentials. But then again, didn't the weatherman tell them that this was coming? Why didn't the get the f*** out of dodge so they wouldn't be in the middle of this crap?

Just spread the brains of a couple looters all over the place and that might just deter the next guy.



Regardless of who or where the looting is taking place, there is no excuse for their actions. Yes, most of the media coverage of the looting could be coming out of the poorer areas, but if that is where it is occurring, does it really matter? It is still media coverage, and regardless of slants or biases on the part of the media, it is in fact occurring.


"Stealing" essentials such as food and water, in my opinion, is much different than looting.

I can personally understand someone procuring the essentials for their family, and the people who justify and condone their actions. However I can not understand people taking televisions, jewelry, and other more expensive items that, in my opinion, are being taking for personal gain. I also can not understand why anyone would condone or justify such actions.

People have said they knew the storm was coming and they should have left. This is very easy to say. We can all sit and type what we think we would do. Residing there your entire life, being poor, not having modern transportation, not having anywhere to go, being passed out in an alley, etc. are many reasons why some may have not left. It is easy to pass judgment on people in this situation, but maybe we don't know their personal situation. The fact is there is extreme damage and a lot of people have been negatively impacted.

I personally feel like I should be concerned, donate and help out in any way I can, and pray for them. I believe this would be much more beneficial overall than trying to convince others how stupid people are that didn?t leave the area.

I would like to think I would leave for a safer place if I was in the same situation, but without being faced with what they had to face, I don't know that I can be so sure of what would happen.



There is total collapse of any civic structure coming fast. The looting is just the beginning. Right now, and the days to come, it will be every man(and woman) for themselves. People are under extreme tensions and there is no relief in sight.

Having the Nat. Guard shoot the looters is not the answer. That will just induce mass chaos and revolt.


Go back to the womb, make sure to pick a mom who won't take prenatal vitamins or be careful about her diet. Make sure she drinks and gets high while you are in utero. Be born into total abject poverty. Make sure you are surrounded by people who are the height of ignorance, with all the substance abuse and social problems attendant thereto. Don't get glasses when you need them, dental care, books, etc. cause the money aint there. Make sure your male role models are crooks and thugs and hoods. Be sure that any potential you have for a better life is ground the fuck out of you over time.

Then you can look around and call other people animals if you still want to.


Thanks LBJ.


Excuses are like assholes. Everyones got one, & they all stink. These people are lower than animals. An animal does what it does with no concept of right and wrong. These assholes know they are doing wrong and do it anyway. Shooting them will solve one problem: it'll cut back on repeat offenders.


I don't think there is any need to try to politicize these actions... that is just plain absurd.

Hell, I recall in grade 8 (too young to be taken in by political propaganda) when people started discussing their attitudes, it was take anything you can get away with. I was shocked. If a valuable is left unguarded someone will attempt to take it.

Anyway, with the farce of finding political reasons out of the way, people are animals. Any disaster is enough to highlight this.

As with everyone else, people looking for survival necessities don't bother me. People out with guns (shooting at the police for chrissakes) looking for valuables need to be culled.


Taking bread and gatorade is quite different than taking TV's.

They have shown both on the news.

As to the person that asked who is doing the looting, it is the scum of the earth.

We have low lifes in every part of society. Don't denounce everyone for the actions of a few scumbags.