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Loosing hair maybe?

Hay guys it’s been a while life and work get in the road I know. Get this it’s been 3 years since I run run my first cycle, it was a good Sus course, held 5 kg, since then I have really enjoyed my training and being healthy, one thing is I have a M head now, I mean my hair is trooping back a little haha my Dad has got it big time as well so I hope! it stops soon haha.

I have a really good source for some test at around 500 mg p/w for 10 weeks, I looking forward to another cycle, is it worth wimping it with dosage for my hair line, I mean dropping back from 500mg p/w is not really what is done I know, I’m not that keen on loosing hair early then I have to, maybe it does not happen at all it is not a massive course. Side effects are not 100%.

Has any one had the same trouble?


English is the dominant language in Australia right?

Anyhow, Op you might be interested in accepting the inevitable, and shaving your head.

Either that or you can look into some shit like finastride, though I would honestly recommend going with my first suggestion.

Also, how the fuck did you get aas in Australia?