Loosing fat, gain muscle mass?

I am 5’5 and 207 with 21.4 bodyfat. I’m a very lean and wide guy and it’s very difficult to maintain my muscle mass and even more difficult to loose the fat. What stack(s) can I use to help me gain muscle and loose fat with the proper weightlifting and meal program? I had recently purchased Mag-10 and Myostat, I’m liftin like a baby monster. Will these two help? And also, could someone refer me to a site that can help me analyze the amount of protein in ounces or grams of beef and chicken? Thanks

There are a ton of options for you. First off, I’d pick either muscle gain or fat loss as your primary goal. They can happen at the same time, but I’d lean one way or the other.

Next, read the FAQ, supplement roundup, MAG-10 plan for success and the Myostatin project, then go to the stacks section biotestedge.com.

Finally, provide a few more details and we can try to point you in the right direction. Training like a baby monster and calling yourself lean at 21.4% body fat don't exactly tell us much or make any sense.

I am a little confused as to how you are 21.4% BF, but “very lean.” Explain this a little better so everone can help more.

As an additional piece of advice, I’d buy myself a book with the nutritional info that you want rather than looking for a website. You can carry a book anywhere, and frankly it’s a lot more convenient to have it in your kitchen (when you’re wondering how many carbs that plum has) than it is to have to go fire up the computer to find out.