Loosening Knots Pre-Workout

Got any tips or tricks for loosening knots from injections preworkout? My two most recent sites feel like bricks and it’s a bitch running them through full ROM let alone eliciting a hard contraction. The stiffness gets a little better after 15min of heat and stretching but the ability to elicit a max contraction still isn’t there.

My lower vastus lateralis is the problem part for tonight and I want to get a decent LB workout.

Are there any special methods or do I have to settle for a shitty lift?

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Don’t know about specifically injeciton knots, but when I’m tense I usually just put a good amount of rubbing alcohol on my hands and try to rub it out. Works wonders, especially for preventing acne in problem areas as well.

Some foam rolling would help. It’ll likely hurt like heck though.