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Loosen Up Upper Arm Shoulder - AC Joint


I didn't want to post this in injuries and rehab as i have a lot of posts there and it isn't really an injury.

Basically where my arm connects to my clavicle it feels tight there when moving my arms about, is there any stretch or mobility drill i can do to loosen up that area, it feels tight and i feel may be giving me a bit of clavicle discomfort.


I don't know exactly what you have but how long have you had it for and was there anything specific that started it? If anything just stretch and do broomstick dislocations


Just mostly a tightness feeling over the AC joint area, almost feels as though there's some muscle covering the joint? Kinda hard to explain but it feels tight and restricted in certain movements.


Dante from DC training recommends shoulder dislocations for most shoulder issues, I'd give them a try if I were you


Try to get someone qualified to look into the problem. But yeah, shoulder dislocations have really helped me out with tightness in the shoulders.


stretch your pec minor


pec minor stretch. put your forearm against a doorway and with a bend in the elbow stretch the pec.

also roll the area with a ball, standing against a wall.

broomstick stretches are good for general shoulder health


100% agree with these

However broomstick stretch, with already ticght shoulder, must be done very carefully, or could 'tear' rather than stretch.

I've had lots of issues with this in the past, now under control. Advice as above worked, also 'diaphragmatic breathing' (google it) is excellent at reducing upper trap tightness, after which you can strengthen rear delts/ rotator cuff to avoid reoccurence.


Thanks for the suggestions all, appreciate it.