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Loose You're Acsent


Thank you for choosing to read this. Hopefully you opened it because you noticed the title made no sense. If you didn't pick up on that fact, read on.

First of all I'm sure this is a re-post, but here it is again.

This thread serves one purpose: To call out people who either can't spell or refuse to spell correctly. Specifically it relates to the improper use of a homophone (not some special homo communication device, rather words that sound the same). Are these people that careless, dumb, or malicious as to continuously misuse words is place of the same sounding word? Are they trying to make my head hurt?

Rather then by directly calling out dipshits that can't spell in the respective threads, I've created this (because apparently that makes you a dick). I'm new to this whole idea of not being a dick thing, so this is my best attempt. Sorry if I didn't quite get it right. This is pretty much the end of my rant. In closing, here is a list of words that everyone should understand have different meanings. Please (re)learn this list and use the appropriate word in your next post. Thank you and have a great day.

loose, lose
write, right
to, two, too
your, you're...

you can fill in the rest


PS Get it f*ing right so my brain doesn't want to leave my head every time I attempt to read through a thread.

PPS If I ever use the wrong word, then please make note of it and then kindly stick that note up your ass.

That is all.


Know no, now - 3 different words with different meanings


wats rong wid my gramer?


PS you are still a dick :wink:


i actually feel sad for you that the mistakes others make impacts you so personally. When bad things happen to you in real life you must have a fit and cry on the floor.


Wait what? lol.


hey man its really not the big of a deal

seriously everyone makes errors, you understand that just because someone isnt a good or decent typist doesnt mean theyre dumb

its only the internet, not a psychobiology thesis here


yeah, i hear midwesterners havent got accents


Is this the part where I (or we) point out the errors in your post?

Here's two that really chap my ass:

rediculous and halarious.

It's almost as if some people are trying to convince us that they never moved past a fifth-grade reading level.


then and than are not interchangeable, since you brought it up.
it's rather than not rather then.


If someone is writing a post expecting others to read it, he should at least attempt some degree of proper spelling and grammar. An odd typo here or there isn't a huge deal, but constantly using incorrect words makes deciphering posts a pain in the ass and makes the poster look like a fucktard.

Some of you feel sad that others care about proper spelling and grammar, and some of us feel sad that others write worse than elementary school kids.



Thur's no xcuze for porr speling on the enternet.


It's also "misuse words in place," not "misuse words is place".



See, people? This is exactly the type of uneducated asshole that bugs the shit outta me.

Buddy, it's spelled "teh", not "the"... teh enternet.




idk wut iz worng wit spelings my wrods bad my bff jill dos it all teh timez stpd thred is stpd


Threw, through, thorough


for people who are saying that it does'nt matter about the spelling and grammar on the internet, read some of the threads on here where ppl r typng lke there fing rtrded. Then, when your brain blows up trying to comprehend that, maybe you'll realize why we're getting our (manly) panties bunched up.


x2. /thread.

Stop being a baby. You definitely got teh ghey.



This drives me nuts!

Also, people that spell 'definitely' with an 'a'.

And while I'm at it, why don't I go ahead and include the idiots that don't know when to use "I" or "me" in their sentence, so they default to always saying "I" (e.g. "She gave the HIV to my friend and I". Double Fail!)