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Loose Skin


Has anyone tried Preperation H to tighten loose skin? Hey, if it can shrink hemroid tissue why not skin.


If I am wrong, please correct me.

But from what I understand, loose skin can be tightened from continuing to lose fat. Cause apparently there is some kind of thin layer of fat that basically keeps the skin that loose.

More fat ya lose, the more the flab kinda shrinks?


The flab yes, but not always the skin. A problem that many obese people have when they lose weight, especially when they drop it rapidly, is that their skin never reverts to the way that it was. The same thing can happen with women, post baby.


I haven't a clue as to the use of preperation H, I wouldn't think it would but only one way to find out...

As far as loose skin shrinking after weightloss it all depends on the amount of skin. It will tighten up a little bit. I lost over 120 lbs and had to have some extra skin around my lower abbs surgically removed because after a point it will always be there. I was down to a 6.5% body fat and had maintained less than 8% for almost a year with little to no skin tighening at all. Otherwise, just fill it in with some muscle and it will tighen-up like a champ.


Agree with all of this.

Just my 2 CC, same boat here.


Get into Facialbuilding I've Been bodybuilding and facialbuilding for close to two years now. Makes no sense to do one without the other.

Schwartznagger himself is a facialbuilder. He had no choice. He would always get ripped for whatever movie he was in but also had close-ups (face) the loss of fat would cause skin folds. Once into facialbuilding always into facialbuilding!


i saw one of those Ms america documentaries and the young lady said they use Preperation H on their legs to help hide cellulite....so maybe it works a little..dunno maybe u should try?


the prep.-H should only cause a localized diaretic affect