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Loose Skin


Hey guys im looking to lose weight as im only 18 and sitting at 240lbs and 22% body fat i want to drop down to 180 ish or be at least 14% or lower but i was wondering if i did this would i have a lot of loose skin and would should i continue to lift weight while trying to lose weight because i don't want to lose a lot of my progress. Also does anyone know of a good cream for stretch marks?


ummm how tall are you? 240 and 22% body fat?


im 6 foot


and ya i got some health profile done at goodlife gym and he did my bf % weight height something with cardio


Why would someone with over 210lbs of lean body mass want to be 180lbs at 14%.

Math...it's what's for dinner.


180 lbs or 14% and im not 100% if that was accurate but i know im in the 20-26% range


side and frontal view and ive had stretch marks since ive had a 32 inch waste in grade 9




Have you tried lifting weights?

Yeah, considering the lack of muscle, you may have loose skin.....because you have nothing filling it back out.

Maybe you need a different approach....like one that involves weights.


i do lift weights doesnt look like it iknow but here r the stats its not much but its about 9 months of serious work 6 months of basically nothing

220x1 bench starting 115x1
270x1 squart Starting 145x1
305x1 deadlift dont know


OK...I would honestly stick with that and work on eating much better.

No one can help you there unless you list what you ate today and on an average day.

Yes, you do need to lose some body fat, but not at the expense of building some muscle on your frame. My guess is, your diet needs a hell of a lot of work.


Further, I sure as hell hope there is more to your routine than those three exercises.


my diet today was Breakfast-1cup egg whites and oatmeal
Lunch- swiss chalet chicken ceaser salad
After school- Chicken breast
dinner/post workout-Chicken breast and brown potatoe

this is a good day because i have to deal with my mom being lazy and cooking a frozen pizza for dinner or pasta she'll cook chicken about 3 times a week and i hide the left overs haha but its not the best diet and sometimes i cant afford a decent lunch and bringing a cooler to school isnt easy

and ya ofcourse i know theres more than 3 exercises those r the main 3 most people post tho my routine is
mon- chest
tues- legs
wed- arms
thurs- shoulders and traps
friday- back
abs every other day

goin to bed now tho gn thanks for the help though will check in morning :slight_smile:


Concentrate on adding muscle mass, and the fat will slowly drop down, you don't have enough muscle to cut up on yet so concentrate on changing you're body composition over a longer period of time and you will look awesome before you know it.


I lost about 45 pounds over a period of 3-4 years. My weight loss was gradual enough that I didn't have loose skin even though I went from a 40" waist to a 32" waist. Overall I would say that my skin recovered nicely even though it probably isn't as tight as if I had been a 32" all my life.

I think that if you lose weight quickly then the loose skin will be more obvious. I read somewhere that in the case of rapid weight loss it takes about a year for loose skin to recover and regain tightness (if you want an example, think about how women recover after pregnancy!)


Most definitely not in the 20-26% range. You are around 35%...maybe higher, maybe lower. Tough to tell how much lean mass you have. Your diet needs a complete overhaul.


Where you are at right now, eating the right food you need to put on lean mass will also make you lose ALOT of bodyfat. So look at this as a great opportunity.


No way in hell you are 22% at 22 I can almost see my top 2 Abs more like well above 30 maybe 36.

I don't think you will have loose skin but the fact you have lots of stretch marks isn't a good sign. The highest I have ever been is 200lbs and I'm about the same height as you.

The best thing you can do is try and increase strength and build muscle whilst slowly losing the weight and I'm confident you won't get any lose skin.

Good luck.


Oops I didn't read this yea I though you had way to many stretch marks for only being 240...yea so you have lost weight keep going gradually and see how it all pans out.



6' and 180. even if you were at 5% body fat you'd have what I call skinny cuts. yea you'd look cut but you'd also look like a gangly, skinny little shit. I know a lot of basketball players with that profile, and they don't look like Lebron, they look like Kobe. if that's what you want to look like then go for it.

try looking around in RMP, maybe you can get a better idea of what you want to look like in there.


alright guys thanks for the advice and ya about the stretch marks like i said i had them since grade 9 with a 32 inch waist weight about 175 but ive also never been skinny and my start of grade 8 was 167lbs so it didn't drastically change


Stretch marks are a bitch, specialy when you got em from being fat.

i dropped down from 302lb to 220lb @ 6,6ft.

I know how it is.. altho i've become pretty ripped and big so i can't complain.

Tho if you've been fat you tummy won't turn back nicely..