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Loose Skin?

Basically I was really fat my freshman year of high school (5’ 9", 215 pounds, 40" waist), I started working out that year and had great results I got down to 185, howver over the next couple of years I was doing wrestling and cross-country running, and in an attempt to get even lighter I only watched the scale, and ended up skinny with no muscles (at 162). Last Spring my trainer at school started me with a proper diet and mass building programs, since then I have continued with proper diets and workouts, and now am at 178 pounds with 8.5% bodyfat, however I still have the loose skin from when I was fat, are there any ways that I can tighten up and become solid, I know the muscle is there because I can feel it, but my that sking on my stomach just wont tighten.