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Loose Skin & Should I Bulk, or Keep Up the Cut?

currently lost on what to do for my body next, ive been on a cut for song long down to 163 at 6’1 and not sure whether to bulk and fill up my frame/get rid of loose skin or keep up the cut for a more lean look, just can’t seem to get rid of the last lower chest flab and the spare tire belly, any advice is appreciated.

I would focus on being active and eating well, veggies, meat, and some starches around your workout

Tbh i already do that, im just not sure whether to eat at a caloric surplus to start building mass or continue my deficit to cut down more fat

We don’t know what your goals are.

Up your calories to maintenance/very small surplus even and do a program from this site with a good amount of metabolic work as below…

I agree with rampant, I think a very very very small surplus would be good. Just don’t over due it like most guys do. Adding a lot of fat to a not very lean frame can make gaining muscle even harder

Would like to put on size on to develop my core and get a crease in my chest but hesitant due to the fact that it may still be too soon and I’ll just be putting fat on top of fat

Is my “not very lean” frame due to lack of muscle and/excess body fat? Or because of loose skin?