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loose skin remedies

I’m 21, and went from 320 to 165 in 2 years. It’s been about a year, and I have kept it off. However, I was left with loose skin, primarily in the chest, abs, and lower back. So in the past year, I have been trying to “fill” that space with muscle. My arms filled in quiclkly, as did my upper chest. I started taking creatine and used that for two months. I gained about 15 pounds, some of it fat, but my skin seemed to be tighter. I am curious that if I try to slim down a little by adding more cardio to my program if the skin will perhaps tighten a little more, and would taking an E/C/A supplement help or hinder my goals?

I think generally the younger you are the better shot you have at your skin bouncing back. If not, really surgery is the only answer.

I bet a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon would know.

When some people lose weight quickly the skin does not always catch up and they end up with permanently loose skin.That then requires surgery. Usually this is around the abdominal area. One tip i had from ‘Swolekat’ is to put some fresh lemon juice into your water.That is supposed to help keep your skin tight while dieting.You could try this.Best of luck.


As a former fatty myself I have to say that you are taking the right approach filling in with new muscle. That is about your only non surgical option. Other than that you are screwed. Sorry, I know how you feel.

As far as an ECA. Sure it will help you lean out but not tighten skin. Time may do a little but not everything.

Hope that helps.


First of all…GREAT work on the weight-loss knappy!

I just wanted to add that too often with loose skin, we think in terms of it being the outer layer “stretching”.

There is SOME of that…but what really happens is a stretching and tearing of the underlying skin support structures…that lattice of connective tissue known as the Superficial Fascial System or SFS.

Fill in as much as possible…but surgery is the more definitive option as others have indicated.

Awesome accomplishment. You have my full respect.
Drop me a PM and tell me what you did, OR better yet write a post telling us your story and what you did (or didn’t do) to lose all that blubber.



I agree with Sonny. Please post a reply on how you did it. Please include, diet, training, and some or if any self-doubt that you had.

320 down to 165 that’s an awesome job man.

I hope to go from 320 to 240 in a year. I will do it!

As for the skin issue . . . Talk to a dermatoligist. They may have something for you.