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Loose Skin Over Abs after Getting in Shape

I was just wondering if anyone had been a former fat boy and now suffered with loose skin over their abs?

I’ve lost over 80 lbs and 10 inches off my waist but I now have a 4 pack and slight sag/bump instead of the full 6.

I just wondered if anyone was up for posting pics as like a compare thing as I am not convinced it’s not the last bit of stubborn fat that needs to go and I would be interested to see what other FFB’s have been left with.

My GF has had two kids and expanded a lot more than the 10 inches I lost and she hasn’t got any loose skin :slight_smile:

I did consult my doc but she maintains it is just skin… I guess I should take her word for it but I have more faith in the experience of you guys.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

I’ve lost close to 140 lbs now, with some fat still around my stomach and on my legs near my crotch (sorry for the mental picture.) Yes, I’ve got tons of loose skin.

Honestly, loose skin looks like fat a lot of times. You just have to make a judgement call. If it IS loose skin, you need to give it time. LOTS of time.

[quote]SSC wrote:
I’ve lost close to 140 lbs now[/quote]

Uhm…holy crap.

I’ve gained close to 140lbs now.

You lost a whole person.


I say you have it cut off and saved in a big zip-lock so you can have left-over skin fights with your friends. There’s nothing like seeing your friend get hit in the face with a freshly-excised piece of skin!