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Loose skin after weight loss

I lost 60 lbs of fat and now have a lot of loose skin. It has been this way for about a year and I’m losing hope that it will go away naturally, so does anyone out there have any non-surgical ways of dealing with this problem?

Bob: Because of the damage that occurs to the supporting connective tissue structure beneath the skin, surgery is the only real option.

Topical cremes, jells and “toners” do nothing for the underlying connective tissue “scaffolding” that supports the skin.

Congratulations on shedding that much bodyfat! I have the same problem, although I didn’t have as much to lose as you. Because of the weight gain, you’ve lost the elasticity of your skin. As far as I know, it doesn’t really come back. When I’m fairly lean my six-pack is fully visible, but when I sit down, it disappears. My skin is loose and tends to sag when given the opportunity. Using vitamin E might help some, but other than that I don’t know what else to do.

Congrats on the weight loss! My goal is actually to lose 70 pounds. Would you mind talking about what you did? The weight training, the diet, aerobics and (maybe most impotant of all) the MENTAL part. What did you to get your ass off the couch?
Also, do a search of the t-mag forum for your question. There was a thread that covered this exact topic, bout a year, year and a half ago. If you can’t find it, tell me-I have it stored on my computer and I’ll repost it for you.

What I did was pretty much Fat Fast, no aerobics, mild weight training (No such thing as hard training on carbs that low). My problems before on losing weight was every time I cheated or went off the diet, I would just quit. But this time every time I gave in and stuffed my face with carbs (which is going to happen at least a few times on a diet like this) it would end there and I’d go right back on the diet.

Also it helps if you have some kind of personal motivation. Usually something more specific than “looking good”. It’s good to plan on something a couple months down the road (like going to the beach or anything that losing weight would benefit) and get in the mindset to reach your goal by that day.

Now that’s just what worked for me, can’t guarentee it would work for anyone else.

And if you could post the topic from your computer, that would be great. Not having any luck finding it.

I wish I had a answer for you - I think in some cases, where the weight loss isn’t so much, the loose skin does “go away” with time. However, for 60-lbs - I really, really wish I had a solution for you.

I just wanted to congratulate you. Good job. Oh, have you spoken to a plastic surgeon? Just ask him/her your question - maybe they would know definitely of a "non-sugrgical" way that would help you.

The elacticity of the skin also depends on age. I would say if your under 30 you might see some improvement over time. If your over 30 I think you would need cosmetic surgery. Either way, congrats on the accomplishment. I dropped 50lbs. 10 years ago (260-210lbs) and have kept it off and slowly built up to 225 at about 10%bf. I was fairly young at the time (24) but I still have a little loose skin and some stretch marks. I think there probably permanent, but I don’t really care. I’ve always been more conserned with performance than how my body looks.

Congratulations on your weight loss. I really don’t know how to help you. I’d suggest that you speak to reputable dermoterlogists (ughh…butchered spelling!) or plastic surgeons for any help.

Wow, Bob! FORGIVE me! I echo everyones sentiment on your accomplishment!

Get yourself a consultation with a Surgeon certified by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (Consults are usually free…so no loss).

A search for the one nearest you can be found at:


Good luck… and again, congratulations!

I dropped 50# 2 years ago and skin still has not ‘recontoured’. I’m 38 though. Bugs the crap out of me but there isn’t anything you can do short of skin reduction abdomioplasty.

Congratulation on the weight loss. I lost 87 pounds 1 1/2 years ago and I know how good it feels to lose that much fat. I still have a little loose skin in my front lower stomach. But to tell you the truth I think it has gotten a little better than a year ago. I’m only 23 right now so I don’t know if that makes any difference.

god im glad im 17 i lost 35 pounds of fat and really dont have any loose skin

Hey i found the link to the posts on loose skin www.testosterone.net/forum/ display_thread.pl?threadid=1953799305

if that doesn’t work, it was titled “Loose Skin after dieting” and written by bobby on 2001-06-28 15:02:27

Let us know how it works

Thanks a lot Sonny! Going to check those out and see if they work.

Hey man,
I have lost over 70 pounds but here is how I did it. I took 2 years to take it off, not on purpose but because i was lazy. Anyway I think taking it off over a longer period of time works better than all at once because i have barely any loose skin. Not that this helps you much. I have read in plastic surgery literature that the skin is absorbed over time but the amount of time is ridiculously long. At the same time an ab-tuck leaves an incredibly long scar from hip to hip that can end up being very thick if the doctor doesn’t do it right. SO…
Here are two unorthodox ides
#1Build the muscles in your lower back and lats to try and use up that skin.
#2 Gain some weight back and try to loose it slower maybe with some kind of compression system.
Like I saqid a little unorthodox but hey, this is a t-mag forum!