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Loose skin after dieting.

I’ve been weight training and doing aerobics, together with eating the 5 meals per day and I’ve lost 20 pounds so far. The problem is, I’m coming down from 230 pounds (fat and untrained that is) and want to get to a low bodyfat with abs etc. I think I’ll do this because I’m actually enjoying this lifestyle after trying idiotic diets before. The thing is I’ve been told that I’ll probably have a load of lose skin round my abs when I get down to a low body fat and look like a bag of shit. This is disheartening, I’ve heard that some bodybuilders have got really fat then got ripped, with no problems, what do you think? I’m 27 years old bloke if that makes a difference . Thanks.

Hey i’m 27 and dieting down too. I’m not worried about it. We’re still young and our skin is still quite supple. But u know what? Even if I have a couple of stretch marks left after I arrive at my goal, maybe they won’t be so bad. If anything, they’ll serve as a good reminders of what I once looked like. A sort of warning sign, if you weeellll.

Those are valid concerns that I faced when I went from 23% to 6% body fat. Here is what I used and recommend. The first substance would be thiomucase creme which titans your skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite, it also has a slit thermogenic effect. The second product I used was a concoction containing a blend of aminophylline, yohimbine combined into a cream, it is a site specific fat burner, rub it on were you want the fat to be gone. This concoction worked exceedingly well. Impact nutrition makes a product that is similar to mine which is called Dermalean. Another product I used was Biotest MD6. (In my opinion the best legal fat burner made) If you fallow these simple recommendations and a structured eating plan, along with vigorous exercise you to can do it. GO FOR IT AND SUCCED!!!

moisturiser…lots and lots of it! It will keep your skin supple and allow it to contract. And don’t get the cheap stuff, it does make a difference. I use Cetaphil (green label, that speeling is WAY wrong) it’s about $12 for a tub of the cream, but it will last over a month and it isn’t greasy. It’s not going to make all the loose skin go away, but it may help.And if you have a LOT of lose skin you could always look into skin donation, hospital burn units always need skin. (I’m not sure how much you need to donate to qualify though…probably a LOT)


You can’t donate skin. The way skin (alloderm) is harvested requires that it be ‘scraped off’. I’ve seen this asked many times on the plastic surgery sites. You can’t donate skin from skin reduction surgery. Sorry.

Really? I had a friend in college who had his stomach stapled and lost over a hundred pounds in a few months. They ‘harvested’ his skin…at least that’s what he told me they did. Sorry about the mis-information!!! My bad!

If you remain lean and don’t fluctuate too much in bodyweight your loose skin will eventually tighten up. Twice in my adult life I’ve gotten up over 300 pounds, and not a pretty, powerlifting 300 pounds, either. More a rock’n’roll/pizza/beer type of physique. Anyways, I once went from 305# to 171# in a few months, and it was hanging skin galore! Long story short, I’ve had my waist in the 32"-34" range for seventeen years or so, and most of the loose skin on the bottom of my waist and the bottom of my ass is gone, tightened up. As one ages it takes longer for the skin to tighten up, but it will. Just don’t give it any excuses to hang out there any more!