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Loose Shoulder - Rear Pain while Pressing

Hi all - I’m experiencing a nagging shoulder issue and wanted to see if I could get some more specific advice then I’ve been able to get scouring the internet for the past week. My shoulder has always been a little “loose” - e.g., I can pull it a little out of the socket which I can’t do to the other one. It has never been too big of an issue, but now as I’ve gotten stronger and more dedicated to lifting, it’s becoming a problem.

FYI I’m doing starting strength and was about to move into something intermediate like texas method.

Symptom: deep pain in the rear shoulder just under the rear delt

Things that make it hurt:

  • Bench press
  • heavy overhead press (not as much and only when I do my 3x5 work weight)
  • low bar squat - I think this is what started it. I used to low bar too low, but have since tightened up my form.
  • internal rotation while reaching across chest, or with arms straight out to the side (parallel to floor)

What I hope will solve my problem:

  • I’ve layed off heavy pressing (still doing light OHP, also tried dips and felt fine but a little sensation).
  • Rotator cuff/upper back strengthening exercises: internal rotations, external rotations, face pulls
  • Added back in barbell rows to even out my pulling vs pressing strength imbalance (so now I’m doing 3 day a week split alternating weighted chins and barbell rows).

Does this seem like a good plan of attack? Should I be doing any mobility work? Since the shoulder is loose, will mobility help or hurt?


See a doctor you said it’s under the delt ? I’d stop over head pressing all together until you figure it out. Some people aren’t built for it or don’t have the shoulder mobility. I love them and do them after I bench with no pain in front and snatch grip behind the head coming to a dead stop every rep on my traps or upper delts. I only get pain if I try to stop the bar where most do somewhere around the chin. I’m 6’2 with long arms and find the full range of motion to be safer. get a pvc pipe and do some shoulder dislocators as a warm up. These always losen me up I do them daily as well as band pull a parts for courts of 50 to really get the blood flowing. I’m 31 and still lift pain free find what works dor you. Maybe switch your grip up if you’re wide bring it in and fully engage those triceps

Thanks for the tips. I guess I should just stop pressing altogether until I figure it out. Since pulling feels fine, I’m just going to replace pushing with more pulling for now. I’ll also try more dislocations and band pull aparts