Loose Shoulder Joint/Pain

Sorry for long post but does Anyone have experience/advice with this? Went to dr for pain/popping/clicking. Dr put me in therapy in Feb and told me to keep lifting like normal. I am still doing rehab to strengthen the surrounding muscles which has worked for the stability, but I still have pain in the front of my shoulder if I lift a weight with my arm straight.

Yesterday I received a cortisone shot and Was told to go easy for two weeks. No lifting just rehab work. Now the dr says if the pain comes back they want to do MRI because it could be a labrum tear.

I’ve had a labrum tear. It’s not fun. I had a choice 6 weeks of rehab or surgery and months of immobility. I chose rehab. It took a long time but it worked. I did mostly resistance band work and my therapists did ultrasound and massage too. Then light weights. For a while I lost some flexibility but it came back around. I would get an MRI just to make sure it is the labrum and not something else.