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Loose Joints?


So I am a 32 year old male and for two years I have had tendonitis in several parts of my body but have gotten ride of most it except my forearms.

I recently went and saw a Rheumatologist and he said I had loose joints. My chiropractor has told me the same thing. They both said that could be what contributed to my forearm tendonitis.

What I dont understand is I have lifted since I was 18 and never had anything like this.

Of course I also have been diagnosed hypothyroid, low testosterone, and low DHEA in the past two years. I know hypothyroid is linked to tendonitis.

I use to strength train 3-4 times a week and played golf once a week and practiced once a week.

2 strength training sessions and one round of golf and my forearm is shot for the week.

I guess my question is if I do have loose joints why is it that its just now showing itself in 10+ years of lifting? I still believe its linked to my hypothyroidism.


I'm surprised you are unsure if you are Loose jointed/double jointed etc... Perhaps I'm just extreme but even as a fat guy I can almost get my ankle behind my head and can touch the back of my hand with my fingers. I guess a test....

If you point at something "as hard as you can" does your finger point up towards the ceiling? Can you grip/flex single finger joints at a time? Can you bend your finger back significantly past straight? If yes you are loose jointed.

I know with my lifting, and as a musician with my classical guitar playing warm ups are hugely important, as are cool down. I've managed to avoid chronic tendinitis, mostly, by being paranoid in this regard. I can tell you that common wisdom (according to MDs and trainers I've talked to) is in addition to warm ups and cool downs working on posture and stabilizer muscles are extremely important. Loose joints = greater movement of the tendons which means greater chance of RSI. Have you tried adding auxiliary lifts to support shoulders/knees/elbows? Tried keeping your elbows and shoulders good and warm with wraps?

I assume being at your level (way better than me!) you are already eating lots of omega-3's to help with inflammation, taking glucosamine etc...?