Loose Change

i just watched loose change. who has seen it and what do you think about it? I’ll give you my take-i still think that it was NOT an inside job. That al-queda did in fact attack us on 9/11. Although the film does bring up some very interesting points…

You have to be pretty special to look at two building burn on live TV for two hours after seeing several different recordings of the planes hitting the buildings and go:

“Well if you think THAT’S what did it…”

You aren’t serious are you? This is nut job stuff. Popular mechanics already put all the biggest claims to the test and found nothing that these nut jobs say is in any way true. (So naturally Popular Mechanics must be controlled by the government.)

This link is 4 years old, and that is when this link was first posted here. (And this is probably the hundredth time it has been posted here.)

Now let’s discuss the moon landing.