Streisand, Sheen, Clooney...

  Of all the lessons to be learned, you'd think they'd know money and fame does not make you : a leader; and authority; a representative of the people; a POLITICIAN. 

  Believe it or not I personally dropped my cable.  I refuse to endure another moment who sing and preach about freedom but will drop dead at a moments notice when the country's called upon to defend that same freedom - and have to pay to listen to these dumasses preach on and on.

  John McCain put it best, when replying to Streisand: "Do I know how to sing?" the Arizona Republican asked. "About as well as she knows how to govern America." McCain then sang part of a Streisand song and took another swipe. "Pretty annoying, huh? Now you know how I feel."

  Harrison Ford and his conspirancy theory that there's a special reason for Bush's actions that one will come out and flabbergast us.

  Barbra Streisand and her conspiracy theory that the politician who died in a plane crash was no accident. Oh, and her claims that republicans will endanger free reproductive rights among others. Sure. 

  The Dixie chicks and the fat bitch's 'we're ashamed Bush is from texas comment'. Sing on fat bitch.

  Actors/musicians are not representative of americans. For fuck's sake - their job is to act and pretend. They play cowboy, they play princess, they play soldier...Or they sing. Is this the kind of people who know what they're talking about? Hardly. Dumasses. You can grab your millions of 10 dollar bills us amercians payed for your movies/cds, and stick em up your asses.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: this “war” is a democratic/liberal- waged war against Bush.

Like it or not: Republican’s try to do the right thing while Democrats only fight for their party. Everything else is secondary to them.

That story with McCain is great. I am, however, disappointed with Harrison Ford. Dixie Chicks suck.

The Dixie Chicks no longer reside in my CD library. Barbara never did. I had the pleasure of seeing Jane Fonda and her ex being refused a table in a resturant in Montana because they did not bother to make a reservation like everyone else. The whole place applauded when they huffed out. Fug 'em all.

Whoa, easy there, d, that’s a little harsh, don’t ya think?

Dude, you know I agree with you 100%.

Memo to Hollywood: shut your collective piehole and remember that you are nothing but entertainers. Period. Don’t exploit your fame and fortune by spouting off your juvenile anti-american garbage.

Hell, go down the list. Sean Penn in Bagdad dissing America, Tom Cruise crying that he’d rather raise his kids anywhere but the US, with all the crime and immorality. Hell, Maverick, it’s movies made every day by your peers that contribute to the moral decay of this society, so what the F are you talking about?

Why not start a crusade to get the members of your corrupt profession to actually put out some films that I can take my three kids to see?

Martin Sheen’s non-stop yapping, Ed Asner, Mike Farrell, the list goes on and on.

These morons need to remember that this country provided the opportunity for them to become millionaires and to have their freedom to express their views.

The unfortunate thing is that there actually are some conservative actors in Hollywood, but they don’t dare speak out for fear of being blacklisted.

(That was a great McCain story!)

One good actor – Charlton Heston.

I find this incredibly humorous.

Brider, disregarding the fact that - as an actor - Heston was more wooden than the chariot he was riding on, you can’t hold him up as an example of a responsible actor voicing his concerns [pro NRA] when his views are just as offensive to others as the liberal actors’ views on wars are to the conservatives here.

I could of course be doing you a vast injustice and you were being ironic.

Now, here’s a newsflash, just because someone holds an elected position of authority doesn’t make their viewpoint any more valid than someone else. For example, if a republican congressman - who is not a doctor or a medical ethicist etc - stood up and said that because of his beliefs he was opposed to abortion.

What makes his p.o.v valid? - by your criteria - NOTHING. But he is also, using the criteria stated, his celebrity [as a congressman] to sway opinion. There’s no difference between a congressman stating their personal viewpoint on something and an actor using their fame to do the same thing.

I also see a lot of lauding the Republicans for being the party trying to do “THE RIGHT THING”. Strange, since the concept of the “right thing” is totally subjective. If I understand correctly the Republicans are supposed to stand more strongly for individual freedoms than the more collectivist approach of the Democrats; unless of course you take a polemic viewpoint to whatever they happen to be saying at the times . Is the right to free speech only valid when you happen to be in agreement with the dominant ideology?

And as for destroying CDs because you disagree with what someone said [no matter how stupid] that’s no better than book-burning .

Yeah but…

If Jane Fonda wants to spout off on “Acting” fine, just as it is O.K for POLITICIANS to spout off on “Politics”…the last thing I want to hear is some self-important knob who thinks that their fame gives them the right to lecture me, give me advice on how to:

Raise my kids

Run my country

Live my life


Pick my nose


Doesn’t everyone here love unsolicited advice from the Fat/Skinny guy in the gym?..yeah sure we do and we need it just about the same. Unqualified advice does not increase in validity with the speakers fame.

“Why should we take advice on sex from the pope? If he knows anything about it, he shouldn’t!”

~ George Bernard Shaw

What’s wrong with book burning if I purchased the book, huh?

You really think this Iraq war is about “protecting freedom”?


Did anyone see Daschele’s (sp? statement today?)

What an incredible sleezeball! I swear, I guarentee the democrats would kill Bush if they could get away with it.

Go to France you partisan jerk!

Dave, you’ve already admitted in another thread that you hate the US government. Exactly how valid is your opinion on this matter?

Besides, you’re Canadian, and you folks don’t care about our silly little war.

 No Dave, we're simply going to Iraq because we miss the good ol 'vietnam, korea, and iraq wars - who wouldnt love all the blood and limbs splattered all over, wives and children crying from the news their husbands/sons/dads were killed?

 Of course, besides all that fun, you cant overlook the (frustratingly overused) thought of taking possession of their oil - what, with the U.N. keeping a close eye on us and all.

  You fucking canadian toilet, you may go hide in your little primate cave now.

  ...Preferably before one of us picks you out of the crowd and takes you for one of them there punching bags - canadians make them best!