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Looks Odd... Scam Anyone?

Master Dream Bodies was recently brought to my attention. Looks very odd, I know I wouldn’t trust it. Anybody have any experience dealing with them?

Looks like cut-rate dogshit.

Why the hell would you buy supplements from India that are cut with God knows what and would probably get seized by customs? See that button at the top of your screen that says store? Just click that one and order what you need.

Keep it simple. Why would you even be looking into things like this? There is always room to improve your training and diet, your time would be much better spent on those facets of your life.

It was brought to my attention by a friend living in India who’s getting into exercise. It looked fishy to me I just wondered if anyone had actually dealt with them before, I already am not keen on the idea of him gettin’ his stuff from there as it is.