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Looks Like You're Leaking Oil There


Check out the guy on the left towards the end of this video... busted, unless he's an alien.


(This may be a repost, sorry if it is)


GEEZ! Dude that is so f-cked up! -lol. Ya think he had enough balls to walk back onstage afterwards?



Yep, we discussed it pretty extensively a few weeks back.


Repost. Fucking gross none-the-less though.


Thought it would be too insane to go unmentioned previously.


Wait what happened? What was leaking out of his arm?


It was an infection. That was pus. The tanning oil masks the discoloration usually seen in inflammation of that degree.

He tried using (from the looks of it) synthol but got an infection at the site of injection.


The filling solution for his deltoid implant, which was most likely liquid silicon. If you weren't aware, just as some women get breast implants, some men get muscle implants. Sadly, it's obvious as hell when they have them though.


Ok, who is correct here? Prof X? or Xab?


Very few people are actually getting silicon implants. The guy in that vid used an oil to inflate his muscles. That was not an implant that busted, especially in that location. That joint is too mobile to be able to hold an implant for long especially under strenuous activity.


Oh snap I thought it was synthol but didn't know for sure. I wouldn't of even known if he hadn't popped like a zit.


I am not familiar with the use of oil and synthol etc. but was it the oil that was leaking? or puss? There was a lot of it leaking!


Likely both, heavy on the puss. He had a massive infection. I think CT said he was there and he could hear it pop. There is too much pressure built up when flexing like that (all muscles are flexed at once in a bodybuilding pose). Add the infection to that and you get a lot infectious material trying to find an easy way out, especially if no antibiotics were used in time.



They have pec implants. They do NOT have "shoulder" implants. Even getting calf implants is risky because of the movement of that muscle group (being active with every step) so it would not be uncommon for a calf implant to need to be replaced within a year or two. That is another reason Flex's calf accusations don't stand up so well...he still has them.

That means when you see shit like this, there is a much greater chance that an oil like synthol was used (especially considering the cost and length of healing time of an implant).


Wow, you can even see how swollen his left shoulder is when you compare it to his other shoulder. That must have been painful when it popped.


Ok, so was it puss or just the synthol that came oozing out? I take it synthol is not normally white, but I wouldn't know.


Damn son. Dude must've ran home crying.

And yes, I've never heard of shoulder implants. I've seen a couple of shows where a guy wanted an ass implant(he was admittedly gay) and pec implants though. Fuck I love those shows. Especially when women get themselves some new tits.


Now that guy's arms just look retarded.


Hey Prof-X,

You think this could have been an IM injection of test or some other type of AAS? I have seen abscesses before from IM injections and they look just like that. I just never seen them drain like that from flexing a muscle. That had to hurt like an SOB.


There's really no way to be sure what caused the abcess without knowing what the guy used. Site oil is more likely than an AAS injection just because of how many more injections (thus leading to greater volume) are done in a specific place. Sterile equipment and sterile product would have likely avoided this situation.

Someone in the previous thread about this video said that the guy had already drained ~30mls of fluid from his delt before going on stage. It was also said that he went to the hospital afterwards.