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Looks Like Obamacare is Going to Trial



I am sending this judge a thank you card.


My brother in laws brother is a lawyer in DC and he is one of the main guys working on proving that Obama care is unconstitutional. He is a hard core Liberal and he has told me that Obama care is indeed unconstitutional.

It is no benefit to him to say this, its the facts.


Why haven't I read about this on any MSM websites?


Piece by piece, this man's ego is being dismantled.


He was probably thinking that if he rammed it through everyone would just swallow hard and accept it. I bet he also thought once he was elected that the rest of the country would begin to kiss his ass the way the mainstream liberal media did to help elect him. I'm sure he can't believe what's taking place in this country right now. His dream of edging closer to socialism is fading fast along with his poll numbers.


Not just that, but he most likely assumed that he could suggest that anyone who disagreed with him could be labeled as a racist. He knew he had MSM in his pocket, and with their help, all those angry white folk and Uncle Tom sellouts could be painted as the enemy.


Tell him thanks from everyone in GA.


Because they overlook anything that would hurt Barry, but some are starting to come around.