Looks like Faulkner and co can't endorse Xenadrine...

NFL banned ephedrine.All those ads with the NFL stars endorsing Xenadrine gotta come down eh? :wink:

I wish organization wouldnt be so stupid. If they would just realize that STUPIDITY, and not ephedrine killed those football players they would leave the choice of whether or not to use ephedrine up to the players. When big organization like the NFL ban something, it demonizes that substance in the eyes of the uneducated public (read ‘sheep’). Then when an intelligent wants to use ephedrine intelligently, he is faced with comments such as “whoa that stuff’ll kill ya”, “The NFL banned ephedrine, it must be bad”, “Thats the same thing as taking speed” “I saw that on the news last night on 'health watch”, now I know it is bad cause the news is always right". I am so tired of all the crap that goes on all because of a few stupid people who abuse supplements, and a whole lot of stupid people who believe supplements are bad cause so and so died.

the last thing I want to see is a few kids dying from an overdose of ephedrine because they heard somewhere it was banned in the NFL.

any org should be able to ban what ever it wants to (whether you or I think its stupid or not is not important). If the player do not like it they can go work for someone else. My question is, is it realy BAD that they banned it? is it a BAD message to send? peace

After re-reading my post I realized a couple of things. 1. My comments were misdirected 2. I like to type fast and use improper english/spelling
I should NOT have directed my comments at the NFL. The main target for my vent was people who demonize supplements. I hate it when people are lead to believe that safe and effective supplements are dangerous and cant be used safely/effectively . Doctors are notorious for telling people that supplements dont work at all and supplements are dangerous.
Considering that I believe that most supplements are safe if used properly, ephedrine included, maybe the NFL still deserves props for their decision. I would not consider using ephedrine during an intense football game a safe or effective practice. Ephedrine should be banned from use during practices and games, I would say that generally it is not a good idea to be in full football pads in warm weather (at least for the first few weeks of the season it is warm) while playing an intense football game while taking ephedrine. For that step I commend the NFL. However, since I believe that ephedrine has a time and place for its use, I would not be happy if the NFL banned the use of ephedrine at all times. If a player wants to use it for weight training or for fat burning on days when not playing football, that should be his own choice. Since I do not know the exact terms of the ephedrine ban, I can not say at this time If I fully agree with the NFL or not.
Again, sorry for my misdirected comments in my original post.

yea, that guy “faulkner” is a pretty good RB huh?
well you wouldn’t know cause you can’t even spell his damn name!
dude, go take some sustenol, buy a 6 pack, and watch some nfl football this afternoon.
real man that at least say they know anything football know the players names.
many women know some nfl players that have never watched a game.

Does’t the NFL have a “don’t ask don’t tell” type policy? Meaning that they have to inform the team and/or player’s agent prior to drug testing the player/ With the approx halflife of ephedrine of 12 hours, a player can stall or be informed of an upcoming drug test and still pass.

That is an interesting point, Doug. It would appear that the ban is only a PR move, because the NFL surely would know that pharmacological fact.