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Looks Like an Ecto, But Doesn't Feel Like One


This question in itself may be purely subjective considering everyone is different. There are similarities however, like the somatotypes. In saying that I’m an ecto, who loves lifting even more so power lifting. I’ve been training in it for the last 3 years (out of 10 years of lifting) Aside from back stories my question is, is it possible to have a different metabolism? I mean I never really had any trouble gaining weight, as a supposed hard gainer. My problem is I have such a hard time dropping the weight. I don’t eat horribly lots vegtables, nuts, beef, and chicken. I try to avoid lots of carbs, dairy and sugary drinks. All of the fat on my body is stored around my mid section, everything else is pretty tight and trim. Maybe its my cortisol levels?

Here’s my current routine for this week anyways. Note: I’ve recently started back into a power lifting routine beacause of tearing my labrum in my hip last year.

15 min treasmil lv6-8
ATG squat 280 6x2
Machine Smith Split squats 225 x6/ 245x6
Pin Bench Press 190 6x5
Pin Reverse Grip bench 155x6/165x6
Oblique machine x8/180-205
Crunch machine x8/110-120
Lower Back Machine x8/280
(All of these are done non-stop for 5 rotations)
Inverted or hanging sit-ups 4x8

15 min treadmil lv6-8
Deadlift 350 6x5
Good Mornings 235x6/250x6
Straight bar curls 100x6x2
(Same ab routine as above)

15 min treadmil lv6-8
ATG squat 280 6x5
Cable Pull-Throughs 200x6x2
Pin Bench Press 6x2 190
Pin Reverse Grip Bench 155x2/165x6
(Same ab routine as above)

I’m also 30 y/o just to throw that out there…l’ll include what I eat in a day if asked. Dont want to over whelm people…