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Looks like a bruise when training

When I’m training and my chest/shoulders start to get a pump, I get what looks like a bruise at the spot where my pec meets my left front delt. It’s around 3" around and has been showing up for a few months now. Any thoughts before I go to the doctor?

That’s what we call a stretch mark…I’ve got them on either pec/shoulder and now both of my thighs.

Consider them battle scars and be proud :slight_smile:

Nah. I know a bruise from a stretch mark. This is a 3" round black and blue coloration under the skin that goes away after my pump goes away. It looks like I got punched in the delt.

I don’t have your exact problem but when I bruised my legs during deadlifts, it was because I was Vitamin-C deficient (according to my doc). I usually take 3000 mg spread throughout the day to prevent the problem. You can use Ester-C for a more a powerful source of C.

Could you possibly be coming down to hard with dumbells or the bar on the eccentric part? It could just be where the bar or dbs touch in the stretch position.