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Looking @ wrist wraps and straps.

I’m looking @ getting some APT wrist wraps and straps.
But what size in length do I want?
Some wraps come in 12,20, and 30 something “?
How about width? 1,1.5 or 2”?

And same with straps?
How long do I want them?
What size 1,1.5 or 2"?

i enjoyed my schieks until someone stole them.



I bought the Titan THP’s as I couldn’t get Inzers. Got the 20" (50cm) ones and I am satisified with them but think that some longer ones would give more support.

I tend to avoid straps at all costs unless I absolutely have to use them. When you use straps, it can take away from your forearm training. RLTW


ranger… true.

but, i use them for a very last set.

i wouldn’t have the size on my shoulders without them.


I also have some schiek wrist wraps and I love em. I only use them for benching and deadlifting.

I think aids should be used sparingly. Wrist wraps for me really help cause my hands are pretty mashed up from boxing and I recently broke a bone in my hand near to my wrist. Couldn’t bench without them.

Straps are a neccessary evil when doing alot of back work but I only put them on when my grip is totally fragged.

I bought some APT wrist wraps. sorry say they stretched out quickly and did little to support my wrists. I then bought inzers. made huge difference.

I will however recommend the wrist straps. Those suckers are heavy duty and hold well. best straps I have had.