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Looking to Use Alpha Male


Hey, i was looking through the products on the site and researched a lot into Alpha Male and became interested in using it. Right now im 19y/o in college and wanted a boost in my workout and results.

I workout 4 times a week and eat very clean and the only thing i take right now is 100% whey protein, all other protein comes through my food source. my question is whether there are any negative side effects to Alpha Male? and can you stack it with Spike?


At the age of 19, your T levels should already be jacked.

Besides, it's best not to manipulate your natural hormone levels until you're a little older (that's just our opinion).

Why not try a 6-week Biotest BCAA binge?

Just about all our coaches swear by the stuff.

And there are plenty of protocols suggested, ranging from 10 to 40 per workout.

It's a pretty sure bet that you'll add a few pounds of muscle.


i read how it doesnt matter what age you are that it could still benefit the person no matter how high their t-levels were anyways.


can i stack Spike and Biotest BCAA then?


UM do you realize this is the owner of the company telling you not to buy his product and to think about another wiser choice.

In a sense he is risking money out of his own pocket you were set on spending and recommending something he feels would fit your goal better that you just may not buy now. That might make me take a gander at his recommendation :slight_smile:



I'm going to jump on the BCAA bandwagon here. I've been following CT's BCAA recommendations from the BCAA article and am loving it. I'm never sore, and making solid strength/size gains.

And yes, you can take BCAA's with Spike.


I'm with Phill and SBT.


hahahahahha i didnt realize who had responded to my post my bad. i will go with the BCAA's then lmao.


How old should you be to take BCAA's? just wondering


Interesting TC, i've been taking TRIBEX gold, i'm 20, and it's been helping me out a bit, libido and energy-wise etc. Any particular reason for me to stop? im about 3/4 of the way through my first bottle.