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Looking to Tweak Dbol/Deca Cycle

Second cycle, first was just sust.
With that being said I need some direction.

Week 1-4 Test E 500 mg split into twice a week
with dbol 25-30mg liquid every day

Week 4-8 Test Cyp 500mg split into twice a week
Decca 400-600mg spit into twice a week

All white taking Arimidex every other day at .25
From week one until two weeks after my last injection

Then I’ll start hcg the day of my last injection
1st week 2000iu twice a week
2nd 1500 twice a week
3rd 1000 twice a week
4th 500iu twice a week as well

Wait about 10 days after my last injection
And start
Nolvadex 40mg a day for first week
20mg everyday second and third week
10mg last week

Clomid 40 mg every other day first week
20mg eod second and third week
Last week 10mg eod

Let me know what you think, like I said I’m new and the internet has A lot of info and A lot of it contradicts each other so if you’re going to roast me at least point me in the right direction while you do it.

IMO this is too short for the compounds you have chosen. If you are running the deca you need to run it from the beginning. For the HCG no need to go over 1000iu per week. Also, IMO no need to run clomid and nolva… just stick with nolva.

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Drop the deca. You’re going to get very little from that time frame and you’ll delay pct by a good bit. It’s lose/lose.

You’ll also not recover properly with that pct timing. You’d need to push it out another 10 days if you’re going to run deca.

Also, why switch test esters midway like that?

Dbol and Deca is like a perfect recipe for gyno and probably ED (decadick). I was on NPP and had some issues. If you go this way, add Masteron for libido and gyno protection.

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That’s what I read but it didn’t tell me Why to run Decca first… why is that?

So take hcg about 20 days after last injection to start my pct? How long should I run Decca? Twice as long, time in a half? I had someone tell me that your body gets used to the test you’re giving it and to switch it up to “confuse” your body, bad idea?

Deca needs to be run at least 12 weeks. And I don’t know where these theories come from, but no, you don’t need to “confuse” your body.

As Iron said you should run a deca cycle out about 12 weeks. Meaning, start it week 1 with the test and continue it the whole time. Deca takes awhile to kick in and then you will want to run it long enough to gain from it. You will run both the test and deca that entire 12 week period. IMO, start the HCG for a couple weeks prior to your PCT and then stop and continue to PCT only.

Something to consider… Deca is pretty evil if you are a side affect victim. Its your second cycle… why not just stick with test and dbol for this one.

Ok thanks for the advice, I did not know that. I’ve hear Decca is pretty powerful and honestly would like to try Decca and test instead of dbol and test but maybe that’s a good idea, try out dbol and see if I get side effects first before going straight to Decca…
So if I just did dbol what’s my pct look like just Nolva after my last injection and hcg two weeks before my last injection? How about Arimidex while I’m on cycle or should I start that if I see signs?

If you run both test and dbol, yes you are probably wise to start with the AI. I think you are fine as you listed it above and you can increase the dose if you start having high e2 symptoms.

If you want a shorter run, then use NPP the short estered version of Deca. Plus the sides are less. I’n still going to suggest you consider adding masteron to help with gyno and E2. It worked for me in the past