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Looking to Try HGH


I'm finally 21 and wanted to try hgh. Right now I'm about 195 and 12% body fat. My buddy was going to go on a cycle with me, however we are new to this kind of stuff. I was wondering how much I should be using a day and how to inject. Also how long should I be running the stuff. Also what are the sides?


If you're new to it and don't know anything about it, why are you so sure you want to use it?


If you inject into your penis it will grow to an extraordinary size. I've gained 5 inches in length and 3 in girth, and thats cold!

jk:D of coarse. it was only 4" and 2"


Man, only another year and then I'LL be officially old enough to use hGH. Why didn't anyone inform me of this "age of consent"?


Oh see now, Hagar, I injected it straight into my scrotum. Typically about 15 iu three times a day. I did this to regrow my testicles after all the shrinkage from using 8 grams of test a day.

I have this weird feeling the OP might be considering this type of use.....

I'm just glad when I was a newbie here I actually knew my shit and surprised a few folks, lol....


Exactly. You are unsure of proper injection techniques. You don't know the duration of your use of the compound. You don't even know the amount to use. I'm almost tempted to give you the required information to prevent you from really fucking yourself up by guessing at the answers to the previous questions. But then I would feel even worse that I encouraged your blind use. Please do yourself a favor and spend the next couple years perfecting your diet and training and researching AAS and other hormones before you attempt to put together a cycle.


On a serious note. You know absolutely nothing about a compound, but suddenly since you're 21 now, you feel you are entitled to use it?

Please tell me you are not going into the medical profession. If you are, then I'm going to need to know where you plan on practicing so I can avoid it. If you know this little about a compound and plan on putting it into your own body, I cant imagine what you'd do to other people....


Hey kid, you want some good sound advice. At 21 yrs of age just train hard, eat good, take a protein supplement, and don't forget to take your vitamins. Let your body naturally mature. Personally, I didn't mess with AAS until I was in my 40's as my Testosterone levels started to diminish.
Prior to that I achieved a 625# squat, 535# bench, and 700# deadlift at a body weight of around 200# on the above recipe.


I know a guy who did a few cycles like this and he no longer needs a chair when he sits.


The reason you are getting flamed here, Zam, is that your post typifies the "young, ignorant & eager" approach to physique enhancing drug use that gets people into trouble. These guys are gonna eat you alive, and with good reason. I you want help here, you have to do your research first, then ask specific, informed and intelligent questions regarding use.

That will show you have the common sense and maturity to use safely. If you ask to have it all done for you, you'll find nothing here but shame and ridicule. Spend a few hours diligently researching what interests you, and then post a question that doesn't make you seem like an ignoramus.