Looking to Try a Restart

I have been on TRT for 4 years. I’m 36 with about 35% bf. Before TRT, clomid for 2 years I believe. Before that, it was a mix of hcg 500iu x2 weekly with a small dose of test. I’ve been struggling with feeling balanced since needing trt. Compounds I have used in the past include EQ, Tren, npp, masteron, dbol, and anadrol. The mast went with Tren. The NPP with EQ. The dbol and anadrol were separately with test. Long story short, I really want to get my natural production going badly. I feel my problem is the other hormones that are natural produced are not balanced with my trt as prescribed. I sure try take 120mg test weekly split into two doses.

It’s been a while but here is what I am thinking

HCG- 500iu daily for 2 months. I want to get some blood work while just running HCG to make sure they can work and i would like to reverse the shrinkage I have with them.

After HCG run Nolvadex 40mg 4 weeks with clomid 50mg. Then Nolvadex 20mg 4 weeks with 25mg clomid. I’m not sure if I should taper or not

What are everyone’s thoughts? Thank you in advance.

Lots of info but not really laid out well. What have you been on recently and for how long? It doesn’t sound like you’ve stuck to a protocol.

I’ve been taking testosterone enanethate 75 mg for four years. Recently I started with a hormone clinic because that wasn’t working for me and they upped me to 160 mg and also gave me 160 mg of Deca. I stopped the Deca after three weeks because I did not feel good on it. It was given to help with a lower aromatization rate. That’s the most recent. Prior to that I was on Clomid for at least a year but I believe it was actually 2. Prior to that it was basically blasting crews. I stayed on a low-dose of self administered testosterone of 250 mg a week. HCG was used sporadically. The blast and cruise went on for about four years. The break With Clomid was given so I could conceive a child. Which didn’t work so that gives me hope. Hope that helps a little more. I just don’t remember the order of the previous cycles and how long they each were. They each usually lasted 10 to 12 weeks though

Sounds like you need to run Testosterone Cyp or Enth solo for 8-10 weeks and see if that works for you. Nothing you have described thus far sounds appropriate or consistent enough to be described as TRT. You could give up on it, but you haven’t really tried anything appropriate yet.

The last four years I have run 75 mg of test enth only. It wasn’t working for me so I saw out in foreman clinic. I’ve been with them for a month. And I felt even worse with them.


Ha… I changed it. It was voice message. It was supposed to say enanethate

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Overkill. Pick one, run for 4-6 weeks after you’ve stopped the HCG

Which would you run? I have taken clomid before. I have read Nolvadex is more effective. What are your thoughts?

I tolerate Nolva better than Clomid