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Looking to Trim Down


Have been going heavy for some time really need to make a lifestyle change and drop some weight....currently 36 yrs old, 335lbs 5'9" 27%BF.
Want to drop down to 270-280 to compete at Power Lifting events in the 275 class....My Brain must be broken because I can not formulate a routine that will help me burn weight...I have tried high reps low weight with cardio and has not helped.

I am thinking of working in the 70-80% range 14-8 reps 15 sec breaks btw sets...and then H.I.I.T cardio....but add in on my 2 off days 30-45 min of treadmills.

My diet will be fine I will get back to 5-6 small meals a day, more veggies and protein then my current diet.

Any advice would be awesome.



it took a while for me to get my body to respond to my cardio. the key for me was to be very careful with my calorie intake and after a few weeks my body shifted gears.


There a formula for cal intake....like xxxlbs take in less then xxxx cal per day...?


im no nutritional genius, but i think the basic formula for losing weight will be to take in daily less than u burn giving u negative daily net caloric intake (loss). its really gonna be dependent upon each individuals daily routine and not so much the bodyweight. maybe some of the others who know a bit more can chime in.


There are calorie calculators for daily intake all over the place. Here's one:


But those things are ball park estimates at best. If you're going to get serious about nutrition, then you need to weigh your food and calculate exactly how many calories you're taking in every day and then see how that affects your fat loss. For me, even a couple of hundred calories can make a difference, so estimating is useless.

On the other hand, there is no getting around calories in vs calories out and if you're not losing fat, you're eating too much and that's all there is to it.

Fat loss is 99% nutrition. Your cardio really is more about keeping your metabolism from falling than it is about fat burning during the workout. Low level steady state cardio is bullshit. High Intensity Interval Training is what you should be doing. Don't be fooled by the "best for fat burning" low level intensity crap. It's based on an incomplete knowledge of the situation.

Consider this - the amount of calories you burn in a workout is trivial compared to the calories you burn the other 23 hrs a day. HIIT will keep you burning calories when you're not working out and that's the real goal. As soon as you go into calorie deficit your body is going to try to keep you from starving to death by lowering your metabolism so that is what you need to fight. True fat loss isn't about the calories you burn in the gym. It's about the calories you burn outside the gym.


The slow cardio would work initially,buy your body would adjust and fat loss would diminish.

In my experience the older you get the more stubborn the fat loss becomes. I think many people need to change their relationship with food. Go ahead and do a food diary-at least long enough to have a realistic view of your consumption.

Look at fat loss as total warfare. Defense is diet,offense is training. And as any general knows defense is 6 times stronger than offense. OK, maybe I screwed the military analogy up,but you get the point.

Good luck.


Thanks again.


Just a follow up question to my exsisting/original post. Can I burn fat if I continue lifting heavy but add a strict cardio regime with a lean diet?

It seems it is easier for me to workout harder and go longer with cardio then just diet/nutrition alone. No problem eating right but I often miss meals or have lapses in discipline.