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Looking to Take the Step

I’ve been training religiously now for 3 years. I started at 17 with a height of 5’10’’ @ 150lbs. I now am 5’10’’ @ 209lbs. The picture below was taken more than a year ago. I’ve taken creatine and supplements containing Arachidonic Acid (AA), but focused mainly on my diet and REAL food. I spent 1.5 years trial and error with my diet for bulking and cutting purposes before I got it right. My diet is clean composed of primarily oatmeal, fruit, and meats. For excitement I like to spice things up with brown rice and yams, but never bread.

I alter and adjust my training schedule for 8 week spans. I lift heavy and consistently. I train every body part equally and treat my week points with the most attention. I don’t drink, smoke, or abuse my health in any way. I’ve read Anabolics 2007 many times and done about 9 months of solid internet research. I’d like to post a 1st cycle and get some help with it but before I do - would like to hear commentary and opinions first.- I don’t like to waste time.

This pic was taken about 6 months ago. Just wanted to give a better perspective.

If you are still making solid gains, why would you feel it is so necessary to start right now? From what I gather reading your post, you are still either 18 or 19, which, if you had really done your “solid internet research,” should tell you that you are still WAY too young to be thinking about using. Your exogenous test levels are still through the roof. Your training experience, too, is extremely limited. Why don’t you use them for the time being and think about AAS in another 3 to 4 years when your gains start slowing down a little bit?

Yo are in a better position than alot who post here with first cycles, but i tend to agree with cortes.

You have made some great progress, but you have some great natural growth spurts to come as that fast metabolism of yours beging to slow. This will naturally put 10-30lbs on you in the next 4-7 years. That is not much less than if you used some cycles tbh… and you’ll be better off for doing it au naturel - for now.

Keep reading, i found it very interesting when i was learning. Read the profiles on the web intimately, about the chemical structures, half lives, interactions, sides, gains, stacks… i am sure you know a bit as it is, but i think you should wait.

You dont feel it but you are young, when you hit about 27, you’ll realise that!

Imagine the gains you will make when “on” if you wait and start from a point where you are 210-220lbs at the same bodyfat. You obviously have an affinity for building some muscle, and with your hormones being high as is, the exogenous drugs will not have as much of an effect as they would on a 25 year old.

Believe it or not, we dont masturbate 2x a day forever… :wink:


PS: And work your chest and arms more!


Sounds good guys. You’ve convinced me. I’ll put a few more years of training and research under my belt and stick the all natural route for now. Thank you for your help.

You will benifit a great deal more if you do that dude.

[quote]Electric_E wrote:
You will benifit a great deal more if you do that dude.[/quote]

seconded, i know you think were full of shit, and may just do it anyway. but you really will benifit more

Naw man, I’ve learned patients is a big part of this game. I can wait.

[quote]u4icpain wrote:
Naw man, I’ve learned patients is a big part of this game. I can wait. [/quote]

Good on ya then! You can probably go very far with bodybuilding given what you’ve posted.

You’d be one of the people getting advice on the best cycle for you if it wasn’t for your age. Keep doing what your doing now, and ask for advice again when you’re a bit older.