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Looking to Start SubQ Injections Soon

43 yrs old 6’2 238lbs 17-18% bf muscular legs , arms , chest … carry most fat in stomach . Libido is low but not still there , erections are ok but not great , start out hard then get semi hard occasionally during sex . Energy is decent but sleep is bad , Toss and turn and wake up early early .

Looking to get leaner 215-220lbs 13-15% bf , increase libido , increase erections , better quality sleep

Total test 461
Free test 12.4
Didn’t get E tested

Curious as to why such a low free test

250mg/ml Test E 10 ml vial (2)
Provirion 50 25mg tabs
Anavar 10 mg tabs
Liquid Dex (anastrozle) 30ml 1mg/ml

Would like to inject twice a week , give me your thoughts please and thank you . Contemplating self trt if I feel a lot better and able to remain lean and libido/errction increases .

Thanks in advance

Your SHBG is likely high which binding androgens, the higher SHBG, the lower your Free T. TRT lowers SHBG like no other treatment, excess androgens lower SHBG, so the goal is more androgens to force SHBG lower and Free T higher.

Twice weekly injections would work nicely, I would start out at 60mg 2x week.

thank you kindly for your knowledge . I see that boron and Dim supp also help as well as broccoli and cauliflower . I’ll be including these daily as well !!

What are the ranges for these test? If its the normal LabCorp range most guys don’t start feel low T until Free T hit 10 or less. The top of the Free T range is 18 right?

these were done at my hospital , my primary set them up . im not sure of ranges

What would be a decent dose of the above compounds per week / day in order to achieve the results im looking for …. ?

I was thinking :

test E twice a week start out 60-70 mgs / would like to try 80-100 at some point
provirion 75 mgs a day 6 weeks starting week 4
anavar 50 mgs a day 6 weeks starting week 4

hold off on any ai or serm , shouldn’t need should I ?

looking for advice from some experienced members … on amounts above .

or throw some thoughts at me of changing it up etc .


Keep it simple man, that’s my advice. Not sure what the Anavar and proviron do. but the more drugs you put in the mix the harder it is to dial in. But my .02 is find a world class doc, Nichols, Kominierek, Rouzier etc, go see them even if you have to travel. They know what it takes to truly optimize you.

The more frequent the injections, the better

Avoid AI if at all possible

Honestly dude, I would focus on getting your sleep in check. If your sleep is fucked everything will fall apart. What is your diet like? Alcohol consumption? Other drugs? Finesteride? Paint a better picture for us here. Do you lift? Cardio? Stress? Want kids?

No kids I’m clipped , I workout 4-6 days a week weights and cardio depends on work . That’s where yes sleep is fucked . I’m on call 24/7 so occasionally middle of night calls etc .

Finistrad = never don’t know what it is
Alcohol consumption was heavy when I was younger but maybe a day a week now 6-8 drinks
Drugs = never
Stress = zero , I don’t believe in it

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You are asking questions about cycling and using aas which is recreational use of testosterone in the T replacement forum. You should be asking these question in the pharma forum. Maybe you could get a mod to move your thread. The guys around don’t like mixing a hobby with a required medical treatment. Not trying to be an ass but this is why you are not getting any answer. TRT guys don’t use aas.

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