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Looking to Start New Program

Right here is a little backround

(at the time of posting)

Age - 20
Height - 183 cm
Weight - 88Kg
Bf% - 15%
Time training - 18 months

Current lifts (1 RM)

Bench - 115kg (253lbs)
Squat - 145Kg (319lbs)
Deadlift - 180Kg (396lbs)
Military Press - 80Kg x 2 (176lbs)

Right the skinny is I started lifting 18 months ago kept right through till september last year but I moved back to my digs in uni and lost my training partner and will to train, basically I lost 3 months of trainig and suffered for it on my lifts bad I’m only starting to recover my strength now

I also play rugby at a fairly high standard so the season interfered with my training programme quite badly as I was doing 5-day a weeks splits

My current Programme consists of

Monday - Chest/back
Tuesday - Legs/Core
Wensday - Off day (cardio)
Thurday - Shoulders
Friday Deadlift/Arms

I do a lot of antagonist supersets to up my load + exercises per session I spend about 60 - 90 min in the gym on a normal session

Now I am looking to implement a new programme as reading T-Nation has convinced me there are a lot of core problems with my programme

I am thinking about a new split that might look a little something like this.

Monday - Legs (Front Squat, Leg presses etc)/Core

Tuesday - Chest/Back

Wensday - Single Leg variations/Arms

Thursday - Shoulders/Core

Friday - Deadlift + Lowerback

Now as you can tell I’m fairly new to weight training although I have a fairly well grounded understanding in exercise science as I am about to enter the final year of my degree course.

I would love to hear everyones views on this programme any recomendations/Changes to the programme would be most brilliant!

Thanks for taking the time to read my thread