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Looking to Start My First Cycle


I’ve been contemplating the usage of anabolic steroids for years – but I think I’m ready to pull the trigger, almost.

My initial appeal to them was Anavar, thinking I could get lean easier, but after time I realized nothing beats the safe and structured route of clean eating and nailing your diet. Now, I have no issue staying under 5% BF if necessary.

However, I’ve had a bit more difficulty in gaining mass. I’ve finally achieved a decent lean physique, that I like, but I’d really like to gain 4-10 lbs more of muscle mass. I have no desire in having a huge physique, but I would like some extra shoulder and back development to fill out my figure.

I’m sure this isn’t a surprise, but I’m looking for a brief cycle, around 6 weeks, that can provide some mass gain without heavy side effects. I would like something that doesn’t aromatize, and preferably an oral. This leads me to think that Primo only with some PCT would be a decent solution.

I’d love to know your thoughts. I’m less concerned about price, and more concerned about convenience and limited side effects.

134 lbs @ 4% BF
Age: 24

I appreciate all and any help. Thank you!

Nope. I don’t care if you have 1% BF. I have blankets that weigh more than you. No need for steroids. Change your diet and routine.


They always say use Test as a base (not sure how this forum is though, im new here). So I would do 150mg a week of test prop, use some arimidex just incase and use tbol at 70mg ed as the oral for 6 weeks, and 6 weeks on test prop as well.

Until you’re a veteran lifter, you have no business being in the single digits for body fat if trying to gain muscle.

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What kind of a bullshit cycle did you just recommend? Please refrain from giving gear advice.


I’d love to see “4% BF”.


No shit sherlock.

Fixed that for you

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Tell me if im wrong but isnt 500mg test enenthane a starting cycle for novices? Back when i was doing juice in 2008-2009 that was the go to. I lowered the dose to TRT ranges(to keep test in the mix) and added in an oral…Ok you tell me, what do you suggest then?

First you are giving advice that you used back in the day. Second, you are giving that same advice to someone who has never used any gear at all. He wont know what is causing the symptoms if shit goes sideways. Being that the op is looking for first cycle advice, he should stick with one compound to reduce risk and confusion. Not to mention you are telling him to take an AI with the presence of no symptoms.
The usual recommended first cycle is just Test, 400-500 mgs a week, No AI unless the presence of symptoms, which can be confirmed with blood test. Even then, he should be able to combat them with just Nolvadex.
100mgs of Test C puts me in the 700-800 range, 200mgs, puts me in the high 1200’s. You also only have him running it for 6 weeks which would be fine for an oral but is it really worth shutting down for just a 6 week cycle? Run the Test at 12, 14, maybe 16 weeks, then PCT.


I’d personally guess you’re more around 8% body fat, but who knows, low none the less. Your legs are on the small side, but your have a very good build, you just need to add a bit more muscle.

You have no problem staying lean because you’re an ectomorph and you under eat. I Was a very similar size as you, although I am 5’10. I struggled to gain size as well, but always stayed around 8% BF.

You can pretty easily gain 5-10lbs of a muscle with a proper diet and training, and not resorting to shutting down your natural test production to achieve your pretty modest and reasonable goals.


Is that your best picture ever OP or did you take it tonight?

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you look good man, just time to start eating. don’t get too caught up with increasing your body fat through food consumption alone, as you have said, you know how to diet down and cut fat. you don’t look 134lbs.

You look good for 134 Lbs for sure. But definitely nowhere near 4% bf. you are greatly underestimating how hard it is to reach even a sub 8% bf. I would guess you are more around the 8-10%.
Back to your original question though on what to take. I would say you could do a diet and exercise routine change and get the gains you’re looking for.
I can see you aren’t keen on inject able’s… which means you aren’t ready for a proper cycle.
Alternatively maybe someone can advise you on sarm’s.

Just don’t do anavar only cycles…
Standard beginner cycle is test cypionate or test ethanantate , injected every 2-5 days. The dosage should be roughly 350-500mg. After two weeks do bloodwork, check your estrogen. You want it to hover around 20-45 pg . If you don’t want to do bloodwork, then just take the ai when you feel the side effects coming. I usually do 0.5 mg every 3 days. If you are fat, you might wanna up the dose.

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You have a great physique, just need to increase mass. I suggest you try to increase mass with a clean bulk. If you go and look at @jackolee log, he is recently adding calories to increase mass and he is very lean as well. Take a look at


apologies for derailing but I noticed you mentioned you’re in Scotland in May. what’s on the itinerary?

2 nights in Edinburgh and 2 in Aberdeen. Traveling the countryside, trying to kill anybody LOL

Hey dude! I’ve been tested 4 times, 3 times with calipers and once at BodySpec – which clocked me at 4.1%. I’m sure there’s room for error, but I’m getting consistent reading from 3.8-4.2%