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Looking to Start a New Routine


I'm trying to get bigger and trying to my lower body fat at the same time...
I like to stay active, but I really need to get bigger. I have been working on this routine for about 3-4 weeks now ( I think I'm in my 4th) I've seen results, and I want to know what you guys think of my routine... of course, a friend of mine had a big influence in telling me how many reps and stuff. For now it's a full body workout, but starting November 4th I'll start something a bit differently.

Here it is:

Work out days:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
-Also follow up with like 30-45 min of indoor soccer

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
- Indoor soccer for about 1.5 hours, or treadmill run of 35 min.

Exercises on Workout Days:
Format: # of Reps/Weight

Squat: 8/70 8/90 8/140 8/115

Deadlift: 8/95 8/135 6/185 8/165

Bench: 8/95 8/115 7/135 8/125

Straight Row: 8/60 8/70 8/90 8/80

Lateral Pull (Biceps): 8/70 8/80 8/100 6/90

Lateral Push: 8/17.5 8/20 6/30 6/25

Calfs: 8/45 8/50 8/60 8/55

Abs: 8/70 8/85 8/115 8/100

I'll try posting pics... maybe...


I think you need to get a 3 day to 4 day split going. There are two new articles when you click on the Testosterone link above that give great info to newbies lifting. You dont need to do your big three lifts all in one day. Split up bench, dead, and squat.


this is temporary to get used to it... I'll be working out 1 or 2 body parts everyday each week in a couple weeks....