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Looking to Start a Fat Loss Program

I’m finishing up my current 5/3/1 cycle this week and I’m looking to change to a program geared around fat loss. I feel like I have an understanding of the basics, but I just need some help creating a program.

I know that I need one heavy lifting session for retaining the muscle mass I have and a few types of metabolic training along each week. I’ve created a basic outline of a lifting program. This lifting program isn’t set in stone though; it’s open to change based upon recommendations.

  1. Heavy lifting day
    I basically want to do a total body workout hitting as many muscle groups as possible. I figured a lower body lift, a press, and a pull should do the trick.

Trapbar deadlift
Military press
Lat pull-down

  1. Complex day
    I’ve got some experience with complexes and I can make some decent ones on my own, so I figured I’d either do the bear or a homebrewed one.

It would probably be some combination of hang clean, hang snatch, bent-over row, military press, push press, front squat, back squat, high pull, and good morning. I’m just not sure if I should do one complex or two on the days I’m in the gym doing them.

The bear/other complex

  1. Density day
    I don’t really have any experience with density training, so I’m basing it on Staley’s recommendations, along with a few small changes to reflect the fact that I’m doing density training only once a week.

-4-6x2-3 hang cleans, increasing weight until hitting ~85% of 1RM
10 singles in 15 minutes, increase weight if can hit over 12 singles
-Back squat
Leg curl
-Cable row
Skull crusher
-Dumbbell bench press
EZ bar curl

  1. Cardio
    Here’s where I’m at a bit of a loss. First, I’ll likely be using an elliptical machine after I’m done in the weight room for my post workout cardio. Should I do steady state or HIIT then?

Second, what should I do for out of gym cardio? I’ve got a ~80 sandbag (which would probably be good for tabata front/zercher squats), regular access to a kayak, and a half mile area of road with little to no traffic I can do jogging on. Unfortunately, I can only run about a quarter mile at this point before getting winded.

I know this is a bit of a wall of text, but I’d appreciate any help or suggestions.

Nutrition is key to fat loss. “Can’t out train a poor diet.”

Alright, let me clarify a bit so nobody else gets confused. I’m asking for advice and criticism on the exercise program I’ve written and answers to the questions I’ve asked. I’m not asking for help on nutrition at this point. Or for people to spout out quotes that anyone who’s spent any amount of time on this site can recite in their sleep.

Your training plan looks needlessly overcomplicated and scattered as if you’re trying to do everything.

Why not continue with what you were doing and simply add complexes and/or some other cardio?

As the other poster has already stated, they key to whether you lose fat is your diet.

I’m following John Romaniello’s suggestions.

Read #5.

[quote]Haavik wrote:
I’m following John Romaniello’s suggestions.

Read #5.[/quote]

Like I said, it seems overcomplicated, especially in this context (Beginner’s Forum).

Why make things more complicated than needed?

^^ John Romaniello has a program called Body Comp Blitz that is a fat loss program. He’s been PMing/emailing it to people for free. Theres a whole thread about it so check that out and you could ask him about that program. He definitely knows his stuff when it comes to fat loss programs.


I’ve seen the program and read some logs, and it looks like it would probably do a great job. Unfortunately I can’t do bodyweight chins or dips, which is part of the reason why I’m looking to shed some fat, so body comp blitz isn’t really in the cards for me.

you’re gym doesnt have one of those gravitron machine things for pull ups/dips?


Nope. The gym at my school does, but I’m not going to be back there until late August.

I can’t read any of your posts because your avatar makes it hard to focus my eyes.

You guys are just hating on the Walken. But since it’s a somewhat common complain I’ll change my avatar.

I really like the approach and I agree that mixing different training styles is the way forward. I do however also agree that training bares a pale significance to nutrition. In theory as long as your diet is in check there is no need to change your training other than adding energy systems work, at least not at first.

However, i would set up a weekly schedule using your days as:

Monday: Heavy lifting (full body) + steady state gym based cardio
Tuesday: cardio (HIIT)
Wednesday: Staley’s EDT
Thursday: Rest and Recovery
Friday: Heavy lifting (full body)
Saturday: Barbell complex
Sunday: rest and recovery

Would Tabata squats work for HIIT?

In theory yes, however, you are training full body the day before and im assuming heavy squats will be involved in that so Tabata squats may be very unpleasant. I think intervals of the order 15-30 seconds high intensity, 30-45 seconds low intensity on a piece of cardio equipment. Rowing machine or elipical trainer work best in my experience. You got any idea how your gunna eat?