Looking to start a cycle after a long time, some advice pls

I have recently went down from 201 to 186lbs by lifting what I can, I own a bench, bands, weights and then hoping on the pelaton 30-45min 4-5 times a week.

Weekends I slack and eat bad, which I plan on stopping going forward.

I get married in 4 months. I’d like to gain some muscle, drop some fat.

A lil history, I did test when I was 21-23 with friends immaturely. Didn’t do my post cycle, wasn’t responsible. My test tanked, and I’ve had to have the doctor regulate me for years. Back to normal on the low end, much older 37 years old, and much more mature.

Could someone with some time help me set up strong for the next couple months?

I have fused wrists, so that why I choose to work out at home. I limited in movement, so I’ve had to learn certain exercises for each muscle group.

I’m ready to buy, and diet, and do what I must to look my best in 4 months. I understand the risks, and am nothing like the 21 yo version of myself.

Regulate you with what? How?

Have you been lifting weights at all the past 15, or so, years?

No sir, just for the last 3 months.

I had shots of test for a while from the doctor. This was over 2 years ago.

Before you do anything get comprehensive bloodwork done so you have some sort of starting base. Judging by what you wrote you may be a candidate for TRT.

What was the diagnosis? Why did you stop?

What does this mean? What exercises can you do?

This is great news. Buy the book Starting Strength and do exactly as the program dictates. In 3 months you’ll look and feel much better.

There’s no risk in following a proper diet and training routine. The only risk involves seeking a shortcut by taking unnecessary drugs. But as you said, you’re nothing like the 21 yo version of yourself.

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Your not gonna work miracles in a few months. Diet and proper training is the only thing you can do here. Give us an example of your diet and training so we can asses.

This is not a good recipe for starting gear. It’s a recipe for injury. You need to train for a while to get your joints and tendons used to lifting heavier weights.

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Thank you for your responses and feedback. I must ask, if the stubborn side of me decides I want to get back in the test immediately, and I’m on here for advice on how I should start instead setting up my own plan.

Would you be willing to give me some advice on a first cycle with the intention of making sure I do it the right way and not on my own.

I understand and I’m grateful for your feedback and take it seriously. Im extremely athletic, play soccer weekly. I work out daily as well for the last couple months.

If I decided I wanted to take the shortcut, against your advice which I’m sure makes the most sense. As you have the experience and I don’t.

Would you be willing to advise me on the proper cycle so that I don’t wing it with my research. In reality I’m going to do it; I was hoping to get some cycle advice from others with actually experience.

I’ll do my best.

Im vegan for the last 8 years.
I eat a ton of beans, chickpeas, veggies etc…

I hop on the pelaton for 30-45 min daily. Skip out on some weekends, but will be doing 6/7 days going forward. As I need to grind these last few month before my wedding.

I have dumbbells, bench, bands. Im able to work all the muscle groups, I tend to do each group twice a week. Though I’m limited in some motions, I’m still able to work the muscle group with other exercises.

My left wrist is much weaker than my right, it’s been fused. So I’m topping out at 40lbs for chest presses. Could do more on my right, but I want to keep both consistent.

If I were to tell you I’ve made up my mind, and I want to start a cycle. I came on here for experienced advice in a first cycle; and have taken everything everyone has said seriously but the stubborn side of my will do it anyway.

Im hoping for cycle advice so I don’t make the decisions on my own without the same experiencez

I’ll give you some guidelines as I am not willing to give specifics on this as I’m not behind what your doing.

You get bloodwork to make sure you are in the proper condition internally before even considering taking anything.
Typical first cycle would be test only for 10-12 weeks.
You need to have an AI on hand in case you have any issues.
You need organ support while on cycle
You need to have your plan figured out for after your cycle BEFORE you start. PCT? TRT?

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No, because you won’t do it the right way. At least not with a bench, 40lb dumbbells and bands. I don’t want any part in your inevitable disappointment when you’re left with 0 results and a disfunctional HPTA system.

Give us a detailed outline of your training routine. Exactly when and what you are/will be doing each week.

How many calories do you consume daily? Macros?

Post detailed bloodwork when you get it.

If you’re not willing to put in the minimum effort required in order to receive sound advice, there are numerous ‘first cycle’ posts where people include detailed specifics on their physical details, current lifts, training and diet that seek and get decent advice from reputable members. Pick one of those topics and do what others have been told to do.

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