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Looking to Shock My Body..

hey all … been doing traditionall BB splits for a LONG time about 2.5 years and decided to back to a full body 3x a week… just wanted your thoughts on this…im 5’9 200 lbs. (in the morning after a sh!t) … any advice is much appreciated…my diet is in check … looking to add back width/thickness and overall chest mass

Monday (heavy straight sets)
Squat 5x5
Incline BB Press 5x5
Pendlay Row 5x5
BB Curl 3x5-7
Weighted Dips 3x5-7
Hyper extentions (weighted ) 2x10

Wednesday (light)
Deadlift 4x5 (ramped)
Military Press 5x5
DB pullovers 3x10
Wide Grip chinups 3x10
DB Side Laterals 2-3x12-15

Friday (moderate)
Front squat 3x8
Flat DB Press 3x8
BB Row (underhand grip) 3x8
incline db curl 2x12
db extensions 2x12
calves 2x12-20

To me that is a lot of volume AND frequency. Ok, you have heavy, moderate and light days but it’s still hitting each body part 3 times in a week with substanstial sets.

I had a purple patch employing undulating periodization, using 2 workouts (A and B) that you alternated between each workout 3-4 times a week. The rep scheme then alternated each workout from:
5x5 90secs RI
3x15 30secs RI
4x10 60secs RI
I had post-workout soreness after almost every session during the 6 weeks that I ran that phase ad highly recommend it.

looks to me like you took starr’s 5x5 and added some arms and just basic variation to it to keep it fresh and match your goals. with your stats and experience id say you probably know what works for you by now so you might as well give it a try. only suggestion i can make is try adding some rear delt and rotator cuff work cause even with rows your still doing a lot of pressing and want to keep your shoulders healthy