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Looking to See Results People are Getting

Dam NH that is quite a story. Congrats man. Talk about taking charge and getting shit done.

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If you live in Florida defy will write you a script for 25 bucks and u can use it at any Florida pharmacy even with your RX card but if you live out of state you will have to pay the normal Defy price of 129 plus shipping for 10ml.
You have to look at the whole price package. A T mill wants 1000-3000 a month to be a member. Defy wants 1500 the first year ((( not month ))) and about 900 a year (((not month))) after that. Big difference. Which includes drugs bloods & consults.

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Op said that Defy is sending the script to a different pharmacy not in Florida. I’ll ask next check-up, but at 129 a bottle isn’t that bad considering it lasts me 13 weeks.

Yes Defy also has a contract with EmPower in Texas infact most Defy members buy their drugs come from them. I do.
I don’t know if you live in TX does Defy’s script work in any TX pharmacy? My guess is no. States have very strict laws on docs and scripts. My guess there’s state taxes involved.

I’ll know this next week after my consult. I’m getting them to send it to Publix (grocery chain for those that don’t know) in Enterprise Alabama. I called ahead and they told me they accept the GoodRX coupons (awesome discount for a free site) to get this deal

Not that I want to be a bitch about it but if I can get my Testosterone for a 1/3 or 1/4 of the price I’d be dumb not to… Although when calling Publix (If you don’t know their level of customer service you need to go find one) I was told that they will honor the price but they would love to give me the 1ML bottles instead and just get 10 at a time because the pharmacist said “28 Days after the top has been punctured it starts to lose potency and that isn’t right to you”. They will also give me the 10ML bottle. Anyone ever heard of this?

Well that statement of T cyp losing potency after 28 days is total BS but hea if you can get your T cyp for 35 bucks be it 1 ml or 10 ml go for it. Please let us know how it goes.

Absolutely. I hope to give y’all at least some input and valuable info for all the info you guys are giving me. I think it’s the only fair thing. You guys have definitely eased my nerves about Defy. How long did it take you guys to get dialed in?

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If you just listen to Defy and ignore the advice you get from here it should take no more than 6 months. A year if you have issues like thyroid problems or excessive weight and problems pushing away from the table.

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This is good advice. They really seem to examine your blood work, and base their protocols off that. Some people are really dogmatic here. A year or two ago it was different advice, than the current advice.

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Is there a Doc I should request or are all of them good? And is a TT level of 99 terrible or seen often with TRT candidates?

For your first consult I believe you have to talk with one of the two TRT docs, Saya or Calkins after that you can talk with any of the Nurse PA’s.

Calkin is good with nutrition?

Yes, If you have a weigh issue along with your low T ask for Calkins. He is awesome on diet and supplements. Your TRT protocol will be standard based on your bloods. They got to start someplace. It usually takes two tweaks after the base protocol to get tuned in. If you start jacking around and changing shit mid protocol it can take years.
This is Calkins

Of course they are connected, thats part of the whole situation. It’s hard to find a good Dr locally so you hook up with them( which I am) and things go smooth and you get what you need and what you most likely won’t get locally. You play the game and pay the price for convenience. Although they just agreed to send me my lab scripts which my inurance will cover 100% at in network labs. They make their money off selling medication too, you think that consults are paying all the bills over at Defy? I would imagine they even make a little bit off the discounted lab work probably a lot less than the Rx’s though. As a patient if you cut too far into their profits how does that relationship benefit them when there is always someone else to take your place and pay no questions asked. Also they will ask who you want to speak to for your first consult it can be anyone even the nurse. However you are still going to pay the 250 and the nurse you can get a consults within 24 hours(what I did for my initial consult) the Drs will take much longer to schedule.

Keep this in mind guys concerning pharmacy choices. Defy’s choice pharmacy (Empower) is a compounding pharmacy, whereas your local pharmacy is more than likely not. What this means is that your local pharmacy is probably getting Test Cyp suspended in cottonseed oil, where Empower compounds using grape seed oil.

Not a huge deal, but some guys have slight allergic reactions to cottonseed oils. If you are one of them, then you may not have the option to change what you’re buying with the local guys. You get what they get.

Food for thought.

I’ve never heard that part before. I just assumed it depended on companies. I was on TRT for 2 months like a year ago (Dumb GP) and he took me off stating I should be good to go. I’ve had cottonseed and grape seed depending on what pharmacy I went to. I think grape seed was from the mom and pop joint.

Is 22 gauge a good size needle for injecting

That’s unnecessary when considering a 27-29G will do the same job and cause less muscle tissue damage over the years. A lot of doctors believe that because T-cypionate is bioidentical hormone that it adds to your natural protection. What your doctor did was shut down your natural production and cut you off completely which would see testosterone go to zero.

This is correct and it should be a criminal offense. Cruel and unusual punishment.

I don’t care how old school any doctor is, this kind of thing should not be able to happen. There’s only so much ignorance one can claim and still call themselves a medical doctor.

Lol he sent me to a urologist who put me on Clomid for a month. Holy crap! I thought 22 was too small. I feel like I feel the needle bend

Nah it won’t break if you’re injecting at a 90 degree angle to the skin surface, and are not applying any sideways pressure.

Well, unless it’s a manufacturing defect. Not very common but not out of the realm of possibility either.