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Looking to See Results People are Getting

I am starting with Defy Medical within the next week. I was trying to see what kind of benefits people are seeing in their life. I’ve always been fat but recently put on 120 ish pounds in 6 months and just felt terrible. Always tired. Well I got my hormones checked and TT was at 99. Has anyone else had crazy low T like that? I’m just wanting to find something optimistic because I feel terrible

Congrats on selecting a good clinic. I’ve been with them for over 4 years. They will get your hormones tuned up but you have to push away from the table and go for a walk to get that weight down. Fixing this is a triangle hormones, exersize, and diet. Dr Calkins is probably the best to discuss supplements and best foods to eat.

You can’t go wrong with Defy Medical, Dr. Calkins, Dr Saya are top rate hormone specialists!

I wouldn’t skimp on thyroid testing, your description of gaining weight quickly may be pointing to low thyroid function as well as low testosterone.

When I went on TRT my tastes for food changed, taste buds change as well. I started craving healthy food, chicken and veggies. I had no desire for junk food or sugar, it’s like those cravening were just gone.

I appreciate it! Right now I just feel a complete lack of motivation. For the last 3 months I’ve drank nothing but water (Some with MIO water enhancer) ate 2400 calories from healthy food, and workout for an hour 5 days a week. All it’s done is stop weight gain and I haven’t lost a lb. As horrible as it sounds at 29 years old I am glad to find out that I had low t and it was treatable. You guys use their pharmacy?

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I have been on TRT with Defy for about 3 weeks now. I was on HCG mono with Defy for about 6 months, but I only got marginal benefits from that. BTW, at 3 weeks in, I feel like I am 14 lol. My fiancee can hardly handle it.

I am 31, so pretty young too, and also a Ben. I do use Empower (Defy’s pharmacy). I would at least start with that, as it is a big change, and you want it as easy as possible to start.

As others have said check the thyroid. Defy knows what to look for, but if they ask I would agree. I had over range RT3, and after fixing that, my metabolism seems faster.

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Yeah dude. Welcome to the club. Be thankful you caught it early because some of us, myself included, have lived most of our lives like that. Diets don’t work, gym gains don’t come, motivation sucks. Now functioning, with a healthy hormone profile, I can cut calories just a little bit and fat starts coming off. I have been dialed in for close to a year now and started around 230lbs and probably 30% BF. This week I was 212lbs and probably around 20% BF for the first time since probably my 20s (I’m 47). Ive also been eating over 3,000 calories a day consistently for the last 2 weeks and still dropped a couple of pounds.

So my results over the last year?:

  1. Fixed marriage.
  2. Dropped body fat through diet and exercise.
  3. Increased muscle mass through diet and exercise.
  4. Have had some of the most powerful orgasms of my life.
  5. Have a positive outlook of life.
  6. Changed my work habits and overall presence at my job. I had my review yesterday and my boss commented on all the positive changes (in attitude) he has seen in the last year.
  7. I am way more alert. I used to fall asleep at the dinner table.
  8. Better father to my kids. A down dad isn’t the best dad.
  9. Tons more energy.
  10. Focus and memory are slowly coming back to me.
  11. Confidence.
  12. Libido.

Im sure I’m missing some here but just off the top of my head.


One of the biggest reasons for failed marriages is mismatched libidos, it can create animosity over time and you start looking for intimacy somewhere else. Men by nature were never meant to be with one woman, nature hardwired us that once we get together with a woman, over time the excitement and libido diminishes to the point where both parties libidos decline.

This is by design so that you spread your alpha male genes with more women, natural selection is still in play.

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That statement was just trying to being funny, but I did get turned down due to soreness. I am okay with that.

She actually has enjoyed it, or at least she has said so. I feel I am more interested in her pleasure now. Not that I wasn’t in the past, just more now.

Monogamy probably helps men more than it does women. In nature, about 1/10 males (in species that don’t practice monogamy) get to mate, but all the females get to mate. In species with monogamy almost all the males get to mate. Bad for the alphas, but better for the rest of the males.

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Only reason I’m considering not using them is because with GoodRX I can go to Publix and get 10ML of Test Cyp generic for 35 dollars

Can you post an update on this when you find out? I am paying $130 for 10 mL.

I am thinking you may get push back from Defy. I think they are maybe connected to Empower pharmacy. Maybe not. Let us know!

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Cypionate is pretty cheap and around that price anyways isn’t it?

I pay $20 for TESTOSTERON CYP 1,000 MG/10 ML OIL

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Cost to make it is low. I am paying a lot, but I am also getting pharma stuff. I could get it at the gym for $40, but I am trying to follow a protocol, that is dependent on being dosed correctly.

If I can have the prescription filled with pharma grade testosterone anywhere for much less, I will do it.

I have a theory that Defy and the Empower pharmacy may be connected, in which case they would want you to use Empower which is expensive.

At the end of the day, I am paying $9.77 a week for testosterone. I would rather pay $3 a week, but it’s not the end of the world.

I’m referring to the 2,000mg 10 ML bottle

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Free test is always best

So I was a Pre-Med student so I’m one of the most difficult patients one will ever have. I was worried about Defy’s legitimacy and when they said “As our patient you will have access to our pharmacy” I got too worried. Florida line is 30 minutes from me and I know quite a few people that got arrested selling fake steroids. That being said I wanted to check out how legit they were and ask if the doctor would be willing to send the prescription to a local pharmacy and I was told yes. Defy, as friendly as they are, didn’t even do my labs. I had them send a script order to my doctor who before hand agreed to run the tests they send. My labs cost me my $20 co-pay

Nice. I will ask about sending them to a different pharmacy next check up. I’m not sure I could get HCG much cheaper. I know test can be had for really cheap though.

Defy seems pretty legit to me. They have answered all my questions with understandable / logical answers.

I’m a mechanical engineer, so I have a need to understand things too.

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Not for me. Lol.
Am 42 and my libido high. As i was 18. Maybe after 65 it will decline. My wife’s libido is low compared to mine. But she is aware of my “needs”.
Could Be genetic ) Italian) my father at every gathering the sex topic would come up. But now that he turned 70 that topic rarely comes up anymore for him.

Be proud guys I kept this PG rated.

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So I will still buy my HCG from them as it is a true pain in the rear to find locally. I don’t foresee myself paying 3 times the money for something that is easily obtained. Make sure you go in with the GoodRX coupon for that price though. They had a good price on my hcg but closest place that has it is almost a 3 hour drive