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Looking to See If I'm Going in the Right Direction

Whats going on guys. Recently divorced and finally back into working out for the past 4 months. Used to workout before the marriage and then sporadically during. Id say I’m still a beginner tho. Was hoping for input on what I’m doing and if its a good route to go in. I usually start off the day with a quick limber 11 and eat breakfast then go workout. I play basketball and swim as well for cardio. I got the workout from this article https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/full-body-training-for-advanced-lifters. I know it says advanced lifter but it was talking about how full body workouts are good for beginners and I have been liking it so far.

Day 1 Mon (don’t count warm up sets)
2 (15-20) - Squat
2 (10) - Good Morning
2 (10) - Wide Grip Vert Pulldown
2 (10) - Bent Over Rows
3 (15-20) - DB Flye
3 (16-20) - Lat Raise Front/Side Combo
2 (20) - Seated Curl
2 (20) - Tricep Pulldown

Day 2 Tues
2 (10) - Bench
2 (10) - OHP
2 (10) - Dips
2 (10) - Spider Curl
2 (20) - Leg Extensions
2 (20) - Leg Curls
3 (15-20) - Straight Arm Pulldown

Day 3 Thurs
2 (15-20) - Leg Press
2 (10) - RDL
2 (10) - Pullup/Chinup
2 (10) - Horizontal Cable Pull
3 (15-20) - Cable Crossover
3 (15-20) - Seated BO DB Lat Raise
2 (20) - Standing DB Curl
2 (20) - Tricep Hammers

Day 4 Fri
2 (10) - Decline Bench
2 (10) - Arnold Press
2 (10) - Close Grip Bench
2 (10) - Cable Curl
2 (20) - Leg Extensions
2 (20) - Leg Curls
3 (15-20) - Straight Arm DB Pullover

Off day (Wed/Sat) Usually supersets to make the day quicker
4 (15) - Wrist Curls
4 (20) - Wrist Twistsd
4 (10) - Reverse Curl
4 (15-20) - Standing Calf Raise
4 (15-20) - Seated Calf Raise
4 (15-20) - Band Dorsiflexion

Im also going to be going on a volunteering gig in a couple of months for 1 month where they wont have any weights but Ill be doing a lot of farming. Is there any body weight programs I can look into to do during that month. I can take my pullup bar with bands easily.

In before 5/3/1.

Seriously though, no expert but that looks like a lot of volume

You could probably get by with a much simpler program, but if you are liking it I’m sure its fine.

As for the one month off… Just take the month and get the most out of your experience. DO NOT worry about losing gains. DO NOT get anxiety over having to train “or else” … Its 1 month. Think of it like this… Lets say you continue training consistently for the next 10 years. What would your physique be like if you started in January of 2018, or February of 2018? One month will not mean a thing in the grand scheme of things. And if you dont train consistently for the next 10 years, skipping a month wont matter too :wink:

Having said that, if you want to get something in just for the sake of staying active, do the PLP program on here (its very simple, start with 10 pushups, lunges, and pull ups. Add a rep each day: So 10 each on day one, 11 each on day 2, etc…). The idea here is NOT to make crazy gains while volunteering, but just to keep all your major muscles moving and “doing something” so you can check the “I worked out today” box. It also prevents you from being cripplingly sore when you come back home and start back up again.

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I appreciate the advice bro. I was a little on edge about not working out. Maybe cause I haven’t been doing it for that long so far. Its probably just my mind telling me not to quit and getting scared Ill go back to being lazy again. You’re definitely right though, got to look at it in the bigger picture. Got to train my mind to think like that.

I used to do a program like PLP when I first started working out way back when. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Something simple and hits the major parts. Thanks again man. Consistently for the next 10 years needs to be the goal.

@j4gga2 Not sure I want to go back to the strength training. I did SS back in the days and Madcow before I ended up popping my hamstring and hurting my back and neck. Probably my own fault since all I cared about was repping more weight but I feel like those programs cause a few deficiencies in the hamstrings and hips area.

The workout Im doing now is starting to become a lot of volume since I’m starting to get back to my previous PRs. Im going to keep an eye on that and take out a few sets if needed.

How long should I be doing a program before I start looking for a new one?

yeah its fine, -Paul Carter really knows his stuff.

As other said dont stress about just one month. Good ideas here…

@RampantBadger thank you for the article. Really nice read.

I got one last question about my workout when I get back. I do forearms and calves on Wed and Sat. Is it ok to just tack those on to the end of my Tues and Friday workouts? I added those in because I haven’t been seeing any real progress with either of the two for as long as I can remember and figured Id be at least busy on those two days but I’m rethinking it.

yeah better to tack them on and get whole rest days. For forearms I would forget the wrist curls and make hammer curls your main regular arm move preferably with fat gripz or similar.
Forearms stubborn myself and this is the best thing ive found…