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Looking to Maximize Remaining Time


in a nutshell

85kg lean

I bench 65kg 3x10 (Currently 10 10 8)
Squat 90kg 3x10
Back 50kg 3x10

Rest 30 sec between each set

3 times a week of weights and 3 times a week of Brazilian Jujitsu

I have nationals competition in four weeks and i'm wondering if any experts or pros have any tips for my routine etc

Just started Grip Training Also (20kg each arm)


i wish i could BACK 50kgz


I wish, for the life of me, I could figure out what the hell he means.


Be careful of what you wish for. The 1st time I backed 50 kgz I shit my pants a little.


Back = deadlift?

edit: Holy fuck, someone from PEI.


you know what might help... weight, height, age. I mean it won't really help with a program, but it'll help you not get made fun of. Personally I wouldn't worry so much about what you can do for your strength at four weeks out, I'd be concentrating on cardio, and power (at least as far as in the weight room). Obviously more time on the mat would do you better IMO. But hell you could probably submit my ass left and right.

One tip though; 3 sets of 10 reps... not really good for athletics. It's really designed for hypertrophy which does shit for grapplers.


18yrs old, 180cm, 85kg

By back I meant bent over rowing = 50kg


Dude... you're killing me with your metric measurements! 5' 9'' 189 lbs? Why are your lifts so low? I'm thinking you need to read a few of the articles on here that have to do with strength training because, no offense, but that's not much. I think you need to analyze your biggest weakness. Will it be your strength on the mat (fuck the numbers), cardio, or skill at bjj? Work these next four weeks on that weakness. If the only thing you have time for is weights, then let us know.


4 weeks out, I would be focusing on getting as much mat time as possible. And second to that get as much conditioning work in as possible. Long distance, hill sprints, tabata's, what-ever. Do it all. I assume because you posted your lifting stats you are prob. looking to gain abit of strength before the comp. Probably not going to happen. There's not much you can do in 4 weeks that won't take time away from the more important things.

After the comp, get yourself onto SS, or ws4sb and get those lifts up. As someone else mentioned, 3x10 isn't doing yourself any favours. And you really HAVE to be deadlifting.

But always remember that skills and mat-time come first.

And good luck with the nationals!


yeeeeeah buddy

i live in antigonish during most of the year though.


Agreed...its a bit late in the game for changing things up. Just roll as much as possible at 100% with more experienced guys. After the tourney, start climbing thick ropes for grip strength, farmers walks, giant kettle swings things like that will improve your posterior core and improve your grip at the same time. Roll in a gi as much as possible; that will also help your grip strength. For anterior, leg raise, leg raise, leg raise. You need a ton of lower ab and hip flexor stuff to get a strong guard. Good luck!