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Looking to Maximize Legs Recovery


I have about a 24 hours time frame in order to get my jelly legs into being able to properly pleasure a woman..

Today I will/am doing
- Eat
- Drink 4-5L of water
- Take 10-12g of fish oil
- Took 5000IU of D3
- 2 multi vitamins/minerals
- consume a 44g whey concentrate shake
- stretch and foam roll
- ice?
- bath? with salts?

that's all i can think of... any pro/non smart asstips?


Why would you pleasure a woman with your legs?


I think your legs are the least you have to worry about...


lower body = painfully sore


What is wrong with you?


stretch constantly throughout the day... go do some box jumps... foam roll...


If your doing a killer high volume leg workout and want to minimize soreness,eat as much as possible as soon as possible after leg workout that includes good amount of protein, carbs and fat, fish oil throughout the day, foam roll before leg session and foam roll before you go to bed.


worst case scenario, man up and do what u have to do


casein hydrolysate.

10 min very hot bath followe by ice shower.

10 hours sleep


tell her to be on top