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Looking to Lower Carbs

So I’ve thinking about this for a while, but I want to truly try having more fats and lowering my carbs to see how my body reacts to it based on where my body is at now.

So on a typical day I eat:

300-350g carbs
75-100g fats
120-180g protein

I eat between 2700-3500 daily, just depends on the day. My 3 square meals leaves me at 2800-3100 each day. I don’t count calories but I have a good grasp of how many calories are in one of my days because I have counted in the past for a few days.

I want to lower my carbs to 200-250 daily. If I want to do that, what should my fat intake look like? I want to keep my calories at ~3000 but I’ve always been a high carb guy, so just looking to make a change to see how my body responds to it.

Any input would be appreciated!

The older we get the more carbs affect us in a bad way. If you want 3000 calories a day its simple math. Replace your carbs with good fats. unsalted almonds and avocados are my favorites. Keep the protein high if you are trying to put on muscle.
a 20 years old diet and a 40 year olds diet don’t look anything a like.