Looking to Lose some BF.

Let me start off by saying I’m 6" 0" or so, and weigh around 190 lbs. I’m a little bit chubby with fat mostly around my stomach and some on my chest.

I’m looking to drop some lbs.

Recently, I’ve begun to follow this routine.

3 eggs
2 scoops of whey protein
both with Flax Seed Oil pill and a multivitamin

A fruit with a bottle of water

Chicken with Flax Seed Oil Pill

A fruit with a bottle of water


Post workout:
2 scoops of whey protein with a Flax Seed Oil pill with a meal of either Chicken or some lean meat with a vegetable, with some Green Tea and my Flax Seed Oil pill.

After my dinner (about 30 min. or so later) I will eat another fruit mostly Blueberries or an apple.

My workout days:

Day 1: Chest/Triceps/Shoulders

3x8: BB Bench Press or DB Bench Press
3x8: DB Shoulder Press
3x8: Cable Flys
3x8: Rope Tricep Extensions
3x8: Bench Tricep Dips
3x15: Ab workout

With a 10 minute running session at the end with a 5 minute walk in the beginning and end.

Day 2: Biceps/Back

3x8: Lat Pulldown
3x8: Cable Rows
3x8: DB Rows
3x8: Reverse Flys
3x8: DB Shrugs
3x8: Preacher Curls

With a 10 minute running session at the end with a 5 minute walk in the beginning and end.

Day 3:

Basically the same as Day 1 but I cut out 1 or 2 workouts and mix in some legs.

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Begin all over again.

What should I do to tweak this workout/diet to get the most out of myself to lose some weight, which trying to keep some mass.

  1. Take fish oil. At least 2 grams of DHA+EPA a day.

  2. More protein: Cottage cheese, eggs, greek yogurt, steak, fish, etc. If you don’t get enough protein you’re going to lose muscle as well as fat.

  3. more vegetables: spinach, brocolli, greenbeans, tomatoes, etc.

  4. Leg exercises use the largest muscles in the body. If you want to lose fat, you must make them a priority. Lunges, squats, deadlifts, step-ups.

Read the stickies (top four posts in the beginner forum).

find a fat-loss program on this site and do it (fat to fire and the Waterbury summer project are good in this regard. So is meltdown training. Use the search feature in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to find them. Or read the stickies. They’re indexed in Vroom’s ‘Are You A Beginner II’ thread).

Read up on the anabolic diet, thibs’ carb-cycling codex, or the t-dawg diet 2.0. This will help you tweak your diet to improve it by displaying the general guidelines as to why diet works out the way it does.

#1) What’s your eventual goal? Ripped at 160? Looking jacked at 250? Somewhere inbetween?

#2) Turn your first or second snack into a protein shake. 1-2 scoops of Metabolic Drive in water would be perfect. Add protein to your last meal of the day, instead of just fruit, knock back another protein shake or cottage cheese.

#3) Here’s Your New Day 3 Workout:
Squat 3x8

Romanian deadlift 3x8

Reverse dumbbell lunge 3x8

Rest 5 minutes

Dumbbell swing 2x25

In six weeks, I want you on a different program that’s better designed all-around. But in the meantime, stick to it and don’t miss a workout.

Aim for more whole food meals then shakes. Shakes are great; and totally keep them in your diet plan, but whole foods are also very very VERY important.

I gotta say though man, at 6’-0" and 190lbs; you can’t be THAT ‘fat’.

If you have some what of a spare tire, then just getting to the gym and eating right (without trying to loose weight) will get your built up better then dropping down to 175lbs and being able to see your abs (and then realizing how small the rest of your body is).