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Looking to Interview a Couple Bodybuilders!


I have a small blog that I mainly keep for my friends and present / former clients to get some information from, as well as to have something that gives a general idea of my philosophy to potential clients. I'm looking to make a post about bodybuilding and just need a couple of people who would be willing to answer some brief questions.

The idea of the post is that while perhaps the reader doesn't want to look like a bodybuilder - most unfortunately express disgust at the idea - they should respect those who do and the hard work that goes into preparation for contest. My questions will just be basic ones about training and diet when trying to put on mass and when preparing for contest. I'd like to have quotes from people instead of just regurgitating facts to remind readers that bodybuilders are actually people rather than pictures they occasionally online and in magazines.

If I could get a female bodybuilder that would be doubly awesome as well!

The blog in quesiton: http://modern-fitness.blogspot.com/

Thank you in advance for any replies and I apologize if this belongs another forum!